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How to install Fontana Reno Brass Multi-Function Shower System | FS6121BS

Installation Instructions for Bathroom Shower Set Visit Product Page

  • Before you begin, please read the installation instructions below. Observe all local building and safety codes.
  • Unpack and inspect the product for any shipping damages. If you find damages, do not install.
  • Please note all products must be installed by a professional and certified plumber otherwise warranty might be voided.
shower Fontana Reno Brass Multi-Function Shower System

Shower Head Installation Instructions

Step 1: recessed Step 2:

Step 3: Step 4:

Step 5: Step 6:

Step 7: (LED Control Box) Step 8:

Specifications of Shower Set
Type: Fixed Support Type Bath & Shower Sets
Style: LED Contemporary
Function: Rainfall, Massage Waterfall, Mist, Water Column

Product Material:
Main Body Material: Brass
Handle Material: Brass
Finished: Brass Polished Chrome

Package Size: 20x33x12 Inches (50cm x 83cm x 30cm)
Shower Head Size: 27.5"x15" (70*38cm)
Inlet/Outlet Thread: G1/2" and G3/4" (NPT Adapter Available)

1> Auto-Thermostat Mixer Cold/Hot Water Control Shower Sets
2> Water Flow: 2 GPM for Hand Shower, 9 GPM for Waterfall
3> Water Pressure :0.2-0.5MPA

specs Technical Detail of the Shower Head:

> Shower Head Size: 27.5x15 Inches (70x38cm)
> Installation Type: Ceiling Mounted Shower Head
> LED Light Powered by Adapter: Input 90-240VAC, Output 12VDC
> Surface Finishing: Chrome
> Features of Shape: Rectangle
> Function: Rainfall,Mixfall,Waterfall,Water Column
> Inlet/Outlet Thread: G1/2" (NPT Adapter Available)
> Material: SUS 304
> Flow Rate : 2 GPM Rainfall, 0.6 GPM Mist, 9 GPM for waterfall, 2 GPM for Water Column

Technical Detail of the Mixer:

> Number of Handles: 6 Handles
> Installation Type: Wall Mounted
> Cold/Hot Water Control Type: Hot/Cold Control
> Valve Core Material: Ceramic
> Mixer Surface Treatment: Chrome
> Inlet/Outlet Thread: G1/2" and G3/4" (NPT Adapter Available)
> Function : 5 Ways
> Size : 21.8"x5.1" (555x130mm)
> Material: Brass

Hand Held Shower Installation Instructions

Step 1: Step 2:

Handheld Shower
Step 3: Size:

Handheld Shower
Holder Size

Hand Shower Outlet Installation
• Complete the outlet pipework ensuring it ends in an appropriate 15mm x 1/2" BSP female thread elbow.
Note: This fitting is not supplied as variations in installations require the selection of a suitable solder or compression fitting.

• Install the 'Wall Outlet', thread long male 1/2" BSP into the appropriate female fitting using PTFE tape to give a watertight joint.
Note: The thread can be cut to size if required. Make sure that all debris is removed from the connector and the section that has been cut is dressed correctly, before installation.

The minimum required water pressure is 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar).
Flow rate 2.5 GPM (9.5 LPM).

Shower Body Jets Installation Instructions

Step 1: Step 2:
Body sprays
To revolve the nozzles and 4 sets M4 screws by counterclockwise rotation, and then take out nozzles and panel. According to the using situation, to dig a concealed hole in the right position, the size is bigger than 5.3" x 5.3", the depth of the opening wall is 3.1" - 3.5" distance the tile end.
Body Spray Installation Instructions
Step 3: Step 4:
To set up pipelines according to using situation, to connect pipelines and the concealed box, and then test the water, make sure pipelines no leakage water.
To place the concealed box in the wall, and make sure the same level using leveling instrument, then drill to open a positioning hole, and then bury the expansion tube.
Body Spray Installation Instructions
Step 5: Step 6:
To fix concealed box using self-tapping screws with gaskets, and maintain the same level. Fill cement in the external groove of the concealed box, Stick tile well.
Body Spray Installation Instructions
Step 7: Step 8:
To recess, the higher part of the conceal box as not to interfere with the tile, make sure that if you cave cut the box that is free of burrs. To revolve the nozzles and 4 sets M4 screws by clockwise, to install the nozzles and the nozzle panel on the plastic concealed box.
Body Spray Installation Instructions

Body jets should be arranged in your system to provide the necessary spray outlets to suit the application.
1. Identify all components and check for completeness, particularly before arranging fitting.
2. Depending on the application the body jet can be panel mounted using a backnut (not supplied) or set into the wall on rigid pipe work. If panel mounting care should be taken to ensure connection can be made after securing with the backnut.
3. Connect body jet to pipe work using recommended ½” BSP connections (not provided) with thread sealing compound where necessary.
Note: - Before finishing wall turn on water supplies to check both correct system function and for leaking from joints/connections.
4. Complete wall finish.

Shower Thermostatic Mixer Installation Instructions

Step 1:Step 2:

Mixer Control Valve Installation Instructions
Step 3:Step 4:

Mixer Control Valve Installation Instruction
Step 5:Step 6:

Mixer Control Valve Installation Instruction
Step 7:

- Release Six handwheel levers according to the above directions.
- Take apart the embed valve, panel, and handwheel.
- Dig the embed space for the pipe on the wall according to the specification of the valve.
- Dig 4 holes according to the position of the screws.
- Use a hammer to thwack the screws into 4 holes.
- Fix the valve body with 4 screws.
- Find out the expansion screw heads with washer and spring washer. Use copper sleeve wrench to lock the screw heads with the embed valve body.
- After connecting all the pipes and before sealing the wall with concrete, confirm no leaking problem occur when you turn on the water.
- Fix the decorative panel on the embedded valve body.
- Screw the handwheel arms with the handwheels.

Fontana Reno Brass Multi-Function Shower System

One of our most amazing shower systems! This generously proportioned recessed ceiling shower head provides overhead options for mist, rainfall, cascade, and a muscle relaxing steady pour of water down the middle. The system includes four adjustable massage jets and a handheld shower for all over coverage. And if you thought the Reno Brass Multi-Function Shower System couldn't be any better, it also happens to have LED lights! Built-in hydro-powered device powers the LED lights, which provide visual shower temperature cues to reduce water waste. The lights will dim and brighten when you lower and raise the temperature so you can set the perfect mood, water, and lighting. When water temperature is ≤89 °F (≤32 °C), Blue color will show automatically. When water temperature is between 97 to 107 °F (36-42 °C), Green color will show automatically. When water temperature is between 109 to 122 °F (43-50 °C), Red color will show automatically. When water temperature is above 122 °F (>50 °C), Red color will flash immediately.


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  • Brand Name: FontanaShowers
  • Model Number: FS6121BS
  • Control Type: Auto-Thermostat Control
  • Installation Type: Ceiling Mount
  • Quality: High Quality
  • Feature: Hand shower, Rainfall, Bubble Shower
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Function: Shower System Set
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Surface Treatment: Polished
  • Surface Finish: Chrome
  • Shower Head Feature: LED Shower Heads
  • Shower Head Size: 27.55"x14.96" (700x380mm) SUS304
Fontana Reno Brass Multi-Function Shower System

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Fontana Showers Installation Instructions