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Installation Instructions For Sucre Deck Mount Chrome Finish Double Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

1. Ensure that the water supply below your sink is completely shut off by turning the shutoff valves to the right.

Tip: Place the bucket below your workspace to catch any water that may drip during the installation process.

2. Attach the provided braided water lines to the faucet until hand tight.

3. Remove the brass lock nuts from the mounting posts, and attach the threaded mounting posts to the faucet body using a Philips screwdriver. Set the brass lock nuts aside for now

4. Set the faucet into its prepared mounting hole.

5. From below, slide the rubber washer onto the mounting posts followed by the metal washer. Hold in place.

6. Secure the faucet by reattaching the brass lock nuts that were removed in step 3. Hand tighten and adjust the faucet until it is properly aligned. Once aligned, use the provided basin wrench to finish tightening the locknuts.

7. Apply plumber’s tape or thread sealant to the threading on each braided water line. Attach the water lines to your main water supply. Ensure that you are connecting the hot and cold lines accordingly.

8. Once the installation is complete turn the main water supply back on from underneath your sink. Check for any leaks underneath.

9. Turn the faucet on check for leaks. Check to ensure that both hot and cold water is running properly. Allow the water to flow for approximately 60 seconds to remove any dust or sediment within the waterlines.