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Brushed Gold Bathroom Faucets

For many years up till now, Fontana showers have managed to supply bathrooms fixtures with excellent quality and elegant styles in a range of categories. Its brushed gold bathroom faucets are no less in terms of aesthetics or quality. Fontana showers has a collection ranging from traditional to contemporary styles meant to please the hearts of all customers.

Brushed gold finish is a traditional style brought back to popularity after a period of being out of fashion but today it is a reflection of luxury and grandeur. Brushed gold faucets for bathroom sinks are found in luxury restaurants and if you want one in your bathroom, it is certainly a decision you will not regret. The variety of bathroom faucets being offered range from wall mounted singer lever designs to deck mounted separate-spout-and-handle designs. Single lever faucet is the latest trend for sinks because of the elegance they exude. Even the double handled varieties of faucets at Fontana showers have their own glamor. The glistening gold shade of the faucets goes ideally with white tiled backdrops that further enhances the color.

Gold finishes in any fixtures are known to improve the outlook of any room tenfold. Bringing this new addition to your bathroom will contribute positively to the overall luxury aura of theroom. The shiny surfaces will be just the right amount of glamor for your bathroom. Wall mount styles, too, have their own appeal because of the fact that they take up very little space and look elegant. The range of styles is wide enough to satisfy any customer!

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