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Hi-Tech Digital Faucets

At FontanaShowers, our experts are working hard to provide our customers with something different than regular or traditional bathroom accessories. Since people are appreciating and adopting the innovative environment, bathroom accessories should no longer be an exception in this regard. FontanaShowers high-tech digital faucet collection is changing the old concept of the bathroom with its advanced technology and designs. Our collection consists of various bathroom faucets with high-tech features to fulfill the requirement of the customers. High-tech digital faucets work significantly amazingly in providing the best service. The temperature control system lets you set the required temperature and saves you from the hassle of checking it multiple times to get the appropriate temperature. The LED light features in faucets enhance the bathroom's aesthetics and also work as an indicator to show the temperature of the water. Our high-tech digital faucets fit perfectly in minimalist contemporary interior concepts, perform perfectly fine, and are easy to understand even for the new person. Add a surprising element to your regular bathrooms from the FontanaShowers high-tech digital faucets collection.

Super useful hi-tech digital faucets offer temperature control and leak resistant smart home technology. The future gadget is slowly making its way into our homes as an interesting new bathroom and kitchen faucet technology. If you are thinking about the cool digital and electronic upgrade, there are plenty of high-tech ideas to choose from. Hi-tech digital kitchen or bathroom faucets are popular smart home accessories. Digital thermostatic temperature and LED-lights control allow adjusting hi-tech digital faucet automatically. Once you have everything set and liked it, you can use preset buttons – just press and hold for a couple of seconds just like a car radio and they are set to use. Our customers say that they are impressed by the features of the hi-tech digital faucet which carefully controls how much water they use in the kitchen or the bathroom. LED light indicates the exact temperature of the water coming out of the tap, and amazing clear display which allows you to make an adjustment even with the wet hands. The price of the hi-tech digital faucet is higher than the price of a basic Sensor Faucet, and it is justified considering the functions and features. Hi-Tech Digital faucet belongs to high-end establishments and Beverly Hills mansions.

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Fontana Eclipse Digital Display Waterfall Faucet for Bathroom and Kitchen Fontana Eclipse Digital Display Waterfall Faucet for Bathroom and Kitchen
Retail Price $391.75
Sale Price: $235.05
Savings: $156.70
Lenox Digital 3sec Instant Tankless Electric Water Heater Faucet Lenox Digital 3sec Instant Tankless Electric Water Heater Faucet
Retail Price: $498.00
Sale Price: $362.88
Savings: $135.12