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Shower System with... Design Inspiration

Why choose us?


Fontana Showers is a US business, which specializes
in the supply of designer shower systems, shower
heads, shower panels, faucets, hydromassage
whirlpools, sauna, steam systems and much more...

Superior Quality

Fontana Showers is recognized for its shower product
quality and design. Our company has been providing
remarkable shower system that add elegance and a modern touch to any bathroom.for over 27 years.

Honest and Dependable

We invite you to take a closer look at our site
We'll be happy to answer any questions you may
have about your needs with our experienced staff.

Very competitive Rates

Fontana Showers offer a wide variety of shower styles
ensuring we’re able to meet the needs of our diverse clients.
Our prices are always the best and we extend our lowest
price guaranty to any comparable product.

Who we are?

We at FontanaShowers® provide contemporary
bathroom fixtures; contemporary showers,
hydromassage bathtubs, LED shower head & shower
system, commercial sensor faucets, vanities, timeless
design modern technology and highest quality.