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Architectural Design

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare settings dominated the touchless faucets and automatic soap dispenser. Many hospitals have been installing these fixtures to maintain hygiene standards.

Education Industry

We offer wide solutions for schools and universities, handle faucets can be a breeding ground for germs while touch-free operation avoid the spread of germs in these restrooms.

Hospitality Industry

Touchless Faucets and Soap Dispenser are witnessing high demand due to concern for hygiene and sanitation solutions from hospitality industry.

Office Buildings

As practicing good hygiene routines in the workplace is more critical now than ever, touchless faucets are sensible investments in such high traffic restrooms.

Government Industry

Reduce the spread of germs! in demanding public spaces, by using FontanaShowers non-touch faucet technology that are durable, low maintenance, and functional.

Transportation Industry

We deliver durability, cleanliness, low-maintenance, the know-how, and premium products touchless operation for high-traffic restrooms.

Entertainment Industry

Fontana touchless faucets are Best Design approach for Hygiene, Reliability , Vandal Resistance, Water Efficiency, Lower Operating Costs and Convenience.

Industrial Facilities

Improve industrial safety, efficiency with hands-free sensor automatic faucets and soap dispensers designed for health, wellness, and hygiene.