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Dual Shower Head

Rainfall showerheads are featuring the most elegant
and beautiful showerheads which can easily swing your
mood to a refreshing one. Dual Showerhead provides the
best quality of showerheads that are durable and long-lasting.
These heads come in many different forms like the ones with
high-pressure heads or streamline waterfall. The dual
showerheads have various styles that are elegant and functional.
The body is sleek and elegant which catches the eye of every other person.

The showerheads that are brushed with nickel are allowing
you the choice of selecting decent showerheads.
It gives you a calm and relaxed feeling through a smooth
flow of water. The water holes allow the water to fall in a
very fine manner which acts as a massager and takes away
your all tiredness. The shower head is 7 inches which has
superior water pressure and is of high quality. Water is also
being filtered from it so you can get germ-free clean water
Nowadays these types of dual shower heads are also present
on sale so you can grab any shower head in chrome, bronze,
or brushed. You can easily get it at a reasonable and affordable
price. These are now within everyone's reach. It is highly durable
and can be used for decades without any problem. Finishing with
nickel is highly recommendable and makes its body look sleek and
unique. It also has a warranty for a year even after the sale.

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Nickel Brushed 12"Ultrathin Shower Head Wall Mount Shower Faucet W/ Shower Arm Fontana Brushed Nickel 12" Ultrathin Shower Head
Retail Price: $398.00
Sale Price: $235.61
Fontana Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Rainfall Showerhead Fontana Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Rainfall Showerhead
Retail Price: $298.00
Sale Price: $178.80
Tunas 7.5" Rainfall Shower Head with 13" Shower Arm Tunas 7.5" Rainfall Shower Head with 13" Shower Arm
Retail Price: $349.00
Sale Price: $245.70

Brushed Nickel Showerhead on Sale at
Fontana Showers, A dual shower head system
allows you to wash your body with increased water flow.