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Designing Custom Showers!

The Design Process

FontanaShowers staff can provide professional & inspirational design for wide selections range of custom bathroom and shower options to help customers transform their bathrooms into a spa-like oasis. Investing in a custom bathroom design from FontanaShowers is a cost-effective way to enjoy a spa-like setting in the comfort of your own home. With products built to last, customers can be sure that their investment will provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for years to come. The process of bathroom design, bathrooms remodel, and bathroom inspiration are important elements in the custom design of any bathroom. You can get inspired by our luxury shower options and you can turn your bathroom into a spa oasis! Explore the extravagant details and styles ranging from Bold Black fixtures to smart luxury showers or from the venetian style to classic outlook of your bathroom. First you will need to decide on the style and functions for architectural custom shower design, so the design will need to suite your need maybe your shower design is strictly used for bathing, or perhaps you want to turn it into a relaxing oasis or rejuvenating spa. Will your showerhead include several different spray patterns? What about your other shower fixtures?
Oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucets, tempered glass vanity sinks, brushed nickel rainfall/waterfall shower heads and complete luxury shower systems by FontanaShowers that are built to last. With a variety of styles and functions to choose from, including Bold Black fixtures, smart luxury showers, Venetian style, and classic outlook, complete luxury shower systems or simply basic shower set our customers can find the perfect design for their shower needs. Why pay hundreds of dollars for time at a spa, when you can have a spa setting in your own bathroom? Invest that money in your own bathroom.

Plan & Design a Custom Shower:

Custom shower designs are important in that it brings upscale and interesting architecture into a bathroom project and combine it with stunning luxury and unique style that will add beauty and functionality into any bathroom project. As your “bathroom buying guide” let us step into your shower. Our Innovative shower system will add luxury and convenience to the showering experience. FontanaShowers also provides digital shower experience providing best shower system that is controlled and customized using state of the art digital technology. Take your shower from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few simple changes. LED shower heads, digital shower control, recessed lighting or a multifunction waterfall shower are just a few of the possibilities that Fontana Showers will guide you through in your bathroom upgrade experience. “Alice” will provide online chat assistance and guide you to the product that most suits your desire. Searching for a shower head? “Alice” will be your online guide to finding your bathroom shower head, and will remind you that “two heads are better than one…”

Transforming showering into a luxurious experience, has become easier when you choose the Fontana shower brand for luxury shower brands. You may consider the following options; multiple types of shower heads; a rainfall/waterfall showerhead, or a smart shower head. Also you have the option of a hand-held sprayer, and wall-mounted fixtures on two walls. Or for true luxury remote control bluetooth smart phone shower system with multiple settings of body jets Why settle for just one shower head when you can have two and double your bathing experience! Calais Rain Chrome Music Bluetooth Massage Jets Bathroom Shower Set is a mouthful to say and a delight like no other!! Calais’ shower set provides high water pressure and a compact design so it works even in a cozier shower space. Pulsating massage and shower spray options provide all over coverage from its 60 angled nozzles. Showering has become a luxurious experience. With many new fixtures and systems available today, and FontanaShowers has complete line of luxury showers to meet your needs.

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