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Ideas for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Design Essential Bathroom Design ideas are for those who want to challenge the status quo and introduce the unique and authentic adventure. Fontana website offers a broad variety of high-class bathroom accessories for bathroom design: oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucets, tempered glass vanity sinks, brushed nickel rainfall shower heads and luxury shower systems.

Each of the products is unique, displaying the maker’s attention to details and sophisticated aesthetics.

Rain shower head models are available in various versions, sizes, and cost slots and allow remodeling your mundane shower into a fantastic experience. The key features of Calais Rain Bathroom Shower Set provide a steady high-pressure stream of water. This contemporary massage shower panel has a very compact design so it’s good for small shower stalls. Its sixty angled nozzles provide full spray coverage. Pulsating massage shower panel features shower spray, pulsating massage and bathroom set and can put quite a bit of power.Bathroom design not only stands for the highest standards in design, but it is also a good example of responsibility and care for the natural environment starting at the stage of bathroom renovation. Massage Shower set
Assuming full responsibility for guests’ holiday as well as commitment to save resources, the purpose of the bathroom design is to be conducive to relaxation and to offer a design-lead bespoke harmony feel.
Complete your charming bathroom design with gorgeous bathroom faucets. Every detail you choose for bathroom design should be meaningful. Luxury faucets in dark oil rubbed bronze finish from Fontana are not only functional but first and foremost – beautiful. You can enjoy how the bronze shines in its dark brown color. Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine oil rubbed bronze faucet with stainless sink, black sink and even black granite. Various colors eventually go out of fashion while black and white are always popular. Oil rubbed bronze faucets are especially beautiful with the white sink. Another interesting aspect to notice is extravagant, expensive materials such as the marble in the bathrooms.

Make sure that the materials, finishing, lights and overall style of bathroom sinks and faucets are adding natural elegance to the fascinating interior of the hotel experiential bathroom design. Its main features are not only clever combinations of function and formal discipline. The key element is the choice of the faucet finishing. Various quality finishes including chrome, rose gold, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel from Fontana are offered for sale. You can go for a Roman-style fixture or for a trending model like LED sensor sink faucet, motion sensor faucet, automatic basin mixer, and even waterfall faucet provided in three colors.

If you follow this simple guidelines with user connection in mind, the entirely redesigned interior of the hotel experiential bathroom design will stand out with simple aesthetics, innovative technical solutions, and top-quality finishing materials.

Precision, aesthetics, harmony, innovation, out of the box ideas, customer needs, professionalism – those are the elements you should include in your bathroom design projects.