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Architectural Design...Touchless Bathroom

Touchless Faucets/ Healthcare Industry

Healthcare settings dominated the touchless faucets and automatic soap dispenser. Many hospitals have been installing these fixtures to maintain hygiene standards.

Automatic Faucets/ Education Industry

We offer wide solutions for schools and universities, handle faucets can be a breeding ground for germs while touch-free operation avoid the spread of germs in these restrooms.

Infrared Faucets/ Hospitality Industry

Touchless Faucets and Soap Dispenser are witnessing high demand due to concern for hygiene and sanitation solutions from hospitality industry.

Motion Sensor Faucets/ Office Buildings

As practicing good hygiene routines in the workplace is more critical now than ever, touchless faucets are sensible investments in such high traffic restrooms.

Smart Faucets/ Government Industry

Reduce the spread of germs! in demanding public spaces, by using FontanaShowers non-touch faucet technology that are durable, low maintenance, and functional.

Sensor Faucets/ Transportation Industry

We deliver durability, cleanliness, low-maintenance, the know-how, and premium products touchless operation for high-traffic restrooms.

Electronic Faucets/ Entertainment Industry

Fontana touchless faucets are Best Design approach for Hygiene, Reliability , Vandal Resistance, Water Efficiency, Lower Operating Costs and Convenience.

Motion Sense Faucets/ Industrial Facilities

Improve industrial safety, efficiency with hands-free sensor automatic faucets and soap dispensers designed for health, wellness, and hygiene.