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FontanaShowers® provide contemporary bathroom fixtures; contemporary showers, hydromassage bathtubs, LED shower head & shower systems, commercial touchless sensor faucets, and bathroom vanities combining timeless design, modern technology, and the very highest quality.

FontanaShowers® full line of showers are available in many different styles, functions and finishes. Browse our exclusive line of from dual thermo shower sets, or our multifunction thermostatic LED body massage shower systems to nickel brushed rainfall and waterfall showers, smart remote digital control wifi showers.

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Padua Chrome Rainfall Shower Head Padua Chrome Rainfall Shower Head
Commercial Price $292.08

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Hospitality/Hotel Shower Head

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FontanaShowers offers a wide range of shower heads specifically designed for the hospitality and hotel industry. Our shower heads combine functionality, water efficiency, and style to enhance the showering experience for guests. Here are some key features you can expect from our hospitality shower heads: Multiple Spray Patterns: Our shower heads offer multiple spray patterns to suit different preferences. Guests can choose from a variety of spray options such as rainfall, massage, mist, or a combination of these patterns. This allows guests to customize their shower experience according to their liking. Water Efficiency: We prioritize water conservation in our hospitality shower heads. Many of our models incorporate water-saving features such as flow restrictors or aerators. These features regulate water flow without compromising the showering experience, promoting sustainability and reducing water consumption. Self-Cleaning Nozzles: Our shower heads feature self-cleaning nozzles that prevent mineral buildup and clogging. This ensures consistent water flow and minimizes maintenance requirements, making the shower heads easy to clean and maintain for hotel staff. Easy Installation: We provide shower heads that are designed for easy installation. They are compatible with standard shower arms, and installation can be completed quickly and effortlessly. Clear instructions and necessary mounting hardware are included for a hassle-free setup. Durable Construction: Our shower heads are crafted using high-quality materials such as solid brass or stainless steel. These materials offer durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, ensuring that the shower heads can withstand the demands of a hotel environment and provide long-lasting performance. Easy Angle Adjustment: Our shower heads allow for easy angle adjustment.

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They are designed with swivel joints or adjustable brackets, enabling guests to position the shower head at their desired angle for a comfortable and personalized showering experience. Stylish Design: We understand the importance of aesthetics in hospitality settings. Our shower heads feature sleek designs, elegant finishes, and modern or timeless styles to complement various bathroom decors. The visually pleasing design adds a touch of sophistication to the shower area, enhancing the overall ambiance for guests. ADA Compliance: We prioritize accessibility in our shower heads. They can be designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes providing user-friendly handles or levers and ensuring ease of use for guests with disabilities. As a supplier of shower heads for the hospitality and hotel industry, FontanaShowers aims to provide high-quality products that combine functionality, water efficiency, durability, and aesthetics to meet the unique needs of our customers.