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Multifunctional Showerhead

A huge range of shower heads can be bought from
FontanaShowers. The shower heads with a brushed nickel
are one of the trendiest and modern-looking ones, therefore
many people are interested in them and fortunately, we have
a huge variety of them at FontanaShowers. One of our best
sellers are the shower heads in satin nickel finish. They
have jam-packed features and anything you can ask from a
shower head and even more. Firstly the construction is super
solid and made of stainless steel which won’t degrade with time
and promise a great long life without any problems. In terms of
features, our shower heads are fully loaded.

The main advantage they have over the other competitor
are in terms of the life tendency. The normal shower heads
start to get clogged very early and then you have to replace
them which is certainly not the case with our shower heads
as they promise a guarantee to last very long. Moreover the
water flow is super smooth in them. Some even have LED
lights that enhance the overall experience and provide a
soothing and calming experience. These lights don’t require
any power source but get activated by the flow of water and
are color coded according to the water temperature. Our shower
heads are very high quality and you will not be disappointed by
them once you have bought them. They will certainly justify your
money spent and will last longer than any other shower system
you have ever used.

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Fontana Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Rainfall Showerhead Fontana Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Rainfall Showerhead
Retail Price: $357.60
Sale Price: $214.56
Tunas 7.5" Rainfall Shower Head with 13" Shower Arm Tunas 7.5" Rainfall Shower Head with 13" Shower Arm
Retail Price: $418.80
Sale Price: $294.84

A Fontana showerhead can add a touch of elegance
to any high-traffic restroom. There are different types
of showerheads available in brushed nickel finish,
including waterfall showerheads, rain showerheads,
LED showerheads, color-changing showerheads,
mobile control showerheads, Bluetooth showerheads,
and multifunctional showerheads.