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Digital/Smart Shower

Maybe it is time to change your showering environment into your digital control system with
FontanaShowers’ digital smart shower control system with its innovative technology
and design. Our dgitally controlled showers are specifically designed to reduce
your hassle of getting the perfect water temperature without testing it manually.
The thermostatic shower valves control hot and cold water mixing to get the
desired water temperature. With our digital smart shower control system,
you are no longer required to waste a lot of water to get the perfect temperature.

Programable Showers

Moreover, you can set the temperature digitally with the innovative control
system installed in your bathroom. The Digital smart shower control system
at FontanaShowers offers the perfect way to save time and resources
and provide a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing shower experience to
relax your body and mind. You can find all types and designs
of digital innovative shower control systems at FontanaShowers
for your bathrooms to enhance their visuals and designs.

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Upgrade Your Shower Experience with Digital Control

FontanaShowers digital shower control experience is not only convenient, but such shower system
offers a luxurious spa rejuvenating experience. When you install Fontana brand digital showers
you have the ability to control your shower from a central panel or remote which also allows
you to personalize your showering experience to suit your specific needs and preferences,
making your daily routine more enjoyable and relaxing. Our digital shower experience
refers to Fontana shower system that is controlled and customized using digital technology.

Shower Experience

This type of shower allows the user to control and adjust various aspects of the shower,
such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate, from a digital control panel or remote.
With Fontana digital shower, you can pre-set the temperature, create custom shower
programs, and even turn the shower on or off from a remote location.
The digital shower experience provides a level of convenience and luxury
that traditional shower systems cannot match. With the ability to control the

Relaxing Shower System

shower from a central panel or remote, the user has complete control over
their showering experience, which can lead to a more enjoyable and relaxing shower.
Fontana Showers offers digital shower control solutions as part of their product line, and their
online skiled and professional staff can help guide customers through the options and assist
with finding the right digital shower control solution for their specific needs and preferences.

The Ultimate Showering;

Luxury and Convenience Combined

Choosing the right shower system can greatly enhance your overall bathroom experience.
With the ultimate showering experience, you can combine luxury and convenience to create
the perfect shower environment. Digital shower system is the perfect solution for those
looking to combine luxury and convenience in their showering experience.
With digital shower control, you can adjust the temperature, pressure,
and flow rate of your shower with ease, making
your daily routine more enjoyable and relaxing.

Luxury Showering

Digital shower control combines the best of both worlds, offering the ultimate showering
experience with a high level of luxury and convenience. With a digital shower, you
have complete control over the temperature, pressure, and flow rate, all from a
central control panel or remote. This means you can pre-set the perfect
temperature, create custom shower programs, and even turn the
shower on or off from a remote location.

Smart and Stylish Showers with Digital Technology

With FontanaShowers digital technology, you can control and adjust temperature, pressure,
and flow rate such showers also offers the ability to pre-set the perfect temperature,
create custom shower programs, and even turn the shower on or off from any
remote location. FontanaShowers digital shower provides you complete control
over your showering experience, you can make the most of your time in the shower,

Water flow/pressure Control

whether you're in a rush or looking to unwind. Another advantage of FontanaShowers
digital shower control is the ability to save energy and reduce water usage,
monitor and control not only temperature but water flow/pressure of your shower,
thus helps to conserve water and save energy. Fontana Digital/Smart Shower Systems
have several advantages over traditional shower systems. Some of the key
benefits include: Precise Temperature Control: Fontana figital/smart shower systems
allow users to precisely set the desired water temperature and maintain
it consistently throughout the shower. This feature provides a more comfortable and
customized showering experience while reducing the risk of scalding or cold shock.

Personalization of Smart Shower

Personalization: Smart Shower Systems can be programmed to save individual user settings
such as water temperature, flow rate, and spray patterns. This feature allows different
users to have their own personalized shower settings, providing a truly customized
shower experience.
Water Conservation: Fontana smart shower systems are designed
to be more water-efficient than traditional shower systems. They can reduce
water usage by providing a low flow rate while still maintaining optimal water
pressure, which can result in significant water savings
over time.
Convenience: With digital controls, users can easily turn
on the shower, set the temperature, and adjust the water pressure and flow rate without
having to fiddle with complex handles or knobs. Some of our shower systems even offer
voice control or remote control, allowing users to turn on the shower from outside
the bathroom, making for a more convenient and efficient shower
Easy Maintenance: Digital/Smart Shower Systems are

Low-maintenance and long-lasting

Designed to be low-maintenance and long-lasting. They often have self-cleaning features
that help prevent the buildup of mineral deposits, making it easy to maintain
a clean and hygienic shower system.
The Fontana digital/smart shower systems
offer many advantages over traditional shower systems, including precise temperature control,
personalization, water conservation, convenience, and easy maintenance.
These features provide a luxurious and efficient showering experience, making them
a popular choice for homeowners and commercial properties alike.