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Wall Mount Automatic Touchless Bathroom Faucets

Fontana Showers offers the complete variety options of wall mount touchless bathroom faucets. Our no-touch bathroom faucets are not only aesthetically

pleasing but also promote a higher level of hygiene in public restrooms and other heavy traffic lavatory facilities. Our wall mount touchless

faucets offer Space-saving
as they free up countertop space. Fontana offer a wide range of unique touchless bathroom faucets

available in a variety of designs and finishes to complement any commercial bathroom décor.

Wall Configurations

Fontana wall mount touchless faucets are easy to install and use,

making them a practical and efficient solution for heavy-traffic areas like office buildings,

shopping malls, airports, and restaurants. Our touchless commercial faucets with cutting-edge

technology are an excellent choice for public places they ensure our touchless faucet works

effortlessly every time your hands are in close proximity. Some of Fontana Touchless Faucets

are designed, made or assembled in the USA.

Restroom Commercial Grade Faucets

Browse our large selection of best wall mount commercial touchless faucets. These motion sensor touchless faucets are made to last for heavy

traffic use such as in public restrooms in office buildings, and other public restroom facilities.

The Fontana flow touchless bathroom faucets boast great reviews.
If you compare the touch versus touchless

commercial motion sensor faucets,
you'll find that the best applications for maximum

hygiene in any public restroom are
the touchless faucets.

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Fontana Wall Mount Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucet in Chrome Fontana Wall Mount Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucet in Chrome
Retail Price: $1,043.00
Sale Price: $1,032.26
Fontana Temperature Control Rose Gold Sensor Faucet Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucet Fontana Rose Gold Wall Mounted Automatic Sensor Faucet
Retail Price: $593.45
Sale Price: $527.39

Built In Temperature Control

Some of our sensor faucets also come with built-in temperature control, and flow-motion-activated pull-down touch, and are

available in many styles and finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. Fontana Shower offers wall mount automatic sensor faucets

that are a great addition to any commercial bathroom.

Easy to Use

These faucets are designed for easy installation and convenient use. Wall-mount sensor faucets for commercial sinks they provide a touchless option for users, which promotes

hygiene and reduces the spread of germs. The best bathroom faucet is one that is water-efficient, durable, and suitable for high levels of

commercial-grade traffic use. Commercial faucets come
in various styles, including

touchless wall-mount faucets, wall-mounted sensor faucets, and
wall-mounted automatic faucets.

Low Maintenance

They are available in both electronic and sensor options. The best commercial touchless bathroom faucet is one that is durable, reliable,

and provides high performance. These faucets are perfect for commercial restrooms because they prevent the spread of germs,

are easy to use, and are water-efficient. Some popular types of commercial touchless faucets

include wall-mount commercial sink faucets, counter-mount faucets, and touchless sensor faucets.

When choosing the best touchless bathroom sink faucet, consider factors such as design,

functionality, and durability. The best touchless faucet high-traffic restroom is one

that meets your specific needs and preferences.