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Our rain shower head stands out from other brands due to exceptional design, performance, durability, and water-saving capabilities.

Waterfall & Rainfall Shower Head

At Fontana Showers, you can Explore a wide range of rainfall shower head
with different types of functions, including the Waterfall and or Rainfall waterfall shower
head with wand. Our square rainfall shower heads are a great way to get the steady
stream in an elegant rainfall pattern, making your showers as luxurious as well
as convenient; it let the water flow smoothly gently and yet not compromise
the water flow/pressure. Our waterfall shower head
mimics a nature waterfall thus providing you a sensational
showering experience. Enjoy the SPA effect of this showerhead.
Regular waterfall shower head with wand vs waterfall
shower head provide a more relaxing experience and are easier to clean with.

Shower Head

Standard showers nozzles use high pressures to run water right to your body
which sometimes hurt you along the way.
In contrast, rainfall showerhead lets the waterfall
and don’t push water out. Another advantage
of the waterfall rain head shower system
is that it is very fashionable. Check bronze rainfall
showerhead on FontanaShowers website
which is one of the trendiest bathroom redesign options.

Browse Waterfall Shower Head By Finish


The bigger the rainfall head shower system diameter,
the more water pressure you may get from it. The showerhead
size available at FontanaShowers is from 8" to 40",
so you can select its size according to your
bathroom size and bathroom style.
We also carry now the special finishes such
as the gold and brushed gold large waterfall shower
head and the Venetian light oil rubbed bronze,
and wall mount/ ceiling mount black shower head.

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Rain and waterfall Shower Head Fontana Reno Brass With Chrome Polished Finish Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $1,632.96
Sale Price: $1,303.95
Lenox WaterFall/RainFall Gold Finish Shower Head Fontana Lenox WaterFall/RainFall Gold Finish Shower Head
Retail Price: $684.00
Sale Price: $565.49
Cremona Luxury LED Ceiling Waterfall Rain Mist Overhead Shower Cremona Luxury LED Ceiling Waterfall Rain Mist Overhead Shower
Retail Price: $2,788.29
Sale Price: $2,267.33
Fontana LED WaterFall/RainFall Brushed Gold Shower Head Fontana LED WaterFall/RainFall Brushed Gold Shower Head
Retail Price: $656.40
Sale Price: $393.84
Recessed Color Changing Water Powered Led Shower Head Recessed Water Powered Led Shower Head
Retail Price: $1,528.26
Sale Price: $1,197.54
Smart Recessed Shower Head Smart Recessed Shower Head
Retail Price: $1,765.20
Sale Price: $1,470.55

Luxury Showers

When it comes to showering, there's nothing quite like a waterfall rainfall shower head. Not only do they provide an amazing showering experience, but they also add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. Enjoy our Premium High Pressure Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head. Our shower heads provide provide a top/down or natural downpour drenching effect hence these shower heads mimic the nature in display and sound so you can have a relaxing shower experience within a nature spa feel.

Those showerheads can be installed as wall mount or ceiling mount they are also available as recessed waterfall shower head including LED waterfall showers. Some of these waterfall showers have flow restrictors and can reduce water utility bill but does not affect the way you shower and drench under these shower heads. Waterfall rainfall shower heads are a popular choice for those looking to add a luxury and spa-like feel to their bathroom. These shower heads are designed to provide a drenching, top-down or natural downpour effect, similar to a natural waterfall. They can be installed as wall-mount or ceiling-mount, and some models even have LED lights for a unique and relaxing shower experience. Some waterfall showerheads also have flow restrictors which can help reduce water usage and utility bills, while still providing a powerful and satisfying shower experience. Overall, waterfall rainfall shower heads are a great way to upgrade your showering experience and add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Luxury Waterfall Shower Head Waterfall System
Waterfall/ Rainfall Shower Heads See What's New in 2023
Take a look at new Waterfall/ Rainfall Showerheads products, all thoughtfully designed to bring style into your favorite spaces. It provides sophisticated timeless experience for any luxury bathroom design. Explore our wide selection of luxury shower head that come in variety of styles and finishes to meet any exquisite design combined with technical superiority.
Browse our selection of waterfall rainfall shower heads and find the perfect one for your bathroom today! These showers will energize and elevate your showering experience, our luxury showerheads come in small size that will fit in a small shower bath to large showers that will drench you in an amazing coverage of water. We also carry low pressure waterflow head as well as full pressure waterflow showerhead.
Best Waterfall Shower Head Waterfall System

The Fontana waterfall and rainfall shower head offer several advantages over the traditional shower heads. For example this kind of shower head provide luxurious showering experience, since its a spa-like showering experience with the feeling of being under a natural waterfall, thus the wide and gentle water flow pattern can make your shower feel more relaxing and enjoyable. While at the same time these types of rain head shower usually have a wide coverage area; since they have larger diameters than the traditional ones, thus allowing for a wider and more comprehensive water coverage area. Fontana shower heads provide consistent water flow, in general water flow from waterfall rainfall shower heads are typically more consistent than the traditional ones, providing a more steady and even flow of water. Finally many of our showerheads allow you to adjust water setting with different water patterns and pressure.

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Shower Head:

The Fontana waterfall showerhead provides more luxurious shower experience, compared to other types of shower head as the water flows from a wider area and with a softer, more natural feel, thus creating a relaxing and calming effect, similar to standing under a real waterfall. Additionally, the FontanaShowers larger surface area of the waterfall showerhead provide more coverage and an overall more immersive shower experience. If you value a luxurious and immersive shower experience, then these waterfall showerhead may be the better option for you.


  • Waterfall shower head provides an overall more immersive shower experience compared to a regular shower head.
  • The installation process is very easy. The package brings manual along with it.
  • create a relaxing and calming effect
  • waterfall showerhead can provide more coverage compared to regular shower head.


  • Less efficient in terms of water usage
  • Does not provide a focused stream of water

Waterfall Showers:

Waterfall showers are available in a wide range of options and variations. FontanaShowers have taken a broad approach, providing a diverse selection of shower heads in various types and finishes. Depending on your budget, installation preferences, and desired style, you can choose from different types of waterfall showers that suit your needs.

The Different Types:

  • Recessed Waterfall Showers: installed within the ceiling or wall and create a seamless look with the surrounding tiles or surface. They're a great option for a minimalist or modern bathroom design.
  • Ceiling Mount Waterfall Showers: As the name suggests, these are mounted on the ceiling and provide a rainfall-like experience. They can be a great option if you have a larger shower area or if you want a more immersive shower experience.
  • Wall Mount Waterfall Showers: These are mounted on the wall and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be a good option if you have limited space or if you want a more targeted shower experience.
  • LED Waterfall Showers: These have LED lights installed within the showerhead which can create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. They can also add a unique and stylish touch to your bathroom.
  • Smart Waterfall Showers: These can be controlled via a smartphone app or voice commands and can allow you to customize your shower experience. They can be a great option if you want a high-tech and personalized shower experience.