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FotnanaShowers has many different types and styles of outdoor showers and they depend on specific needs and preferences. They are mainly designed for use near a swimming pool or other outdoor water feature. Our showers are designed to be durable and resistant to the elements, and are constructed from materials like stainless steel, brass, or other corrosion-resistant metals. Outdoor pool showers can be used to rinse off before or after a swim, or simply to cool down on a hot day. Some of our outdoor showers may also include features like adjustable water temperature and pressure, foot showers for cleaning sand off feet, and privacy screens for added convenience. If you're interested in installing an outdoor pool shower, it's important to consider factors like the location, plumbing requirements, and local building codes that meets your specific needs and complies with all applicable regulations.

Outdoor Pool Showers

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Fontana Outdoor Pool Shower Fontana Steel Outdoor Pool Shower
Commercial Price $648.00

If you're looking for the best luxury outdoor showers, you can't go wrong with a state-of-the-art outdoor shower system. Exterior showers, or outdoor showers, are installed for several uses, mainly showering or rinsing off after swimming in the pool or cleaning up after exercising outdoors or working in the garden. These showers offer all the features and amenities you need to enjoy a relaxing shower in the great outdoors. From built-in seating to heated floors and towel warmers, an outdoor shower system has everything you need to enjoy a refreshing shower any time of day or night.

However, here are a few popular options by FontanaShowers for outdoor showers:

  • solar-powered heating system Outdoor Shower: This outdoor shower is made from high-quality stainless steel and features a solar-powered heating system, so you can enjoy warm water even on cloudy days easy to install and comes with a built-in solar collector to heat the water.
  • Large Shower head Outdoor Shower: These sleek and modern shower features a large rainfall showerhead and a built-in foot wash, making it a great choice for beach houses or other sandy locations.
  • Solid Teak Wood Outdoor Shower: This stylish and durable shower is made from solid teak wood and features a rainfall showerhead and a convenient handheld sprayer. Strom Plumbing by Sign of the Crab Outdoor Shower: This vintage-inspired shower features a classic design and is available in a variety of finishes to complement any outdoor space. Ultimately, the best outdoor shower for you will depend on your budget, style preferences, and specific needs (such as heating options, water pressure, and privacy features).

FontanaShowers Hospitality/Hotel Outdoor Showers are meticulously designed to enhance the guest experience in outdoor spaces, providing comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury. Here are some common features you may find in our outdoor showers tailored for hospitality settings: Durable Construction: Our outdoor showers are built to withstand outdoor elements and heavy usage.

Fontana Silver Stainless Steel Outdoor Shower Column PanelThey are crafted using high-quality materials such as stainless steel or brass, known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity. These materials ensure that the outdoor showers can withstand varying weather conditions and maintain their functionality over time. Weather Resistance: We prioritize weather resistance in our outdoor showers. The materials and finishes used are specifically chosen to withstand exposure to UV rays, rain, and other environmental factors. This ensures that the showers retain their appearance and performance, even when subjected to outdoor conditions.

Fontana Bavaria Floor Standing Rainfall Shower Faucet Single Handle Chrome Finish
Customizable Design: We offer a range of design options for outdoor showers to suit different hospitality environments. Whether the hotel prefers a modern, contemporary, or traditional look, our showers come in various styles, finishes, and configurations. Customization options allow hotels to create a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor space. Convenience and Functionality: Our outdoor showers are designed with guest convenience in mind. They feature easy-to-use controls, allowing guests to adjust water temperature and flow. Some models may also include additional features like hand showers or rainfall showerheads, providing a luxurious bathing experience in an outdoor setting. Easy Installation: We understand the importance of efficiency in hotel operations. Our outdoor showers are designed for easy installation, whether as standalone units or as part of a larger outdoor shower system. Clear instructions and user-friendly features facilitate a smooth installation process, saving time and effort for hotel staff. Water Conservation: We prioritize water conservation in our outdoor showers.

Fontana Dax Silver High Quality Garden Shower With UV Resistant Water Tank 35L Solar Shower Panel

Many of our models incorporate water-saving features such as flow restrictors or low-flow showerheads. These features ensure efficient water usage while still providing a satisfying shower experience for guests. Privacy Options: We offer privacy-enhancing features for outdoor showers in hospitality settings. These can include privacy screens, curtains, or enclosures, allowing guests to enjoy their outdoor shower experience in a secluded and comfortable space. Maintenance and Cleaning: Our outdoor showers are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. They feature smooth surfaces, minimal crevices, and finishes that resist corrosion and dirt buildup. These design elements make it easier to keep the showers clean and hygienic, enhancing the overall guest experience. These are just some of the common features you may find in FontanaShowers' outdoor showers designed specifically for hospitality and hotel settings. The specific features and options can vary depending on the model and customization preferences of each hotel.