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Brushed Gold Shower Arm

FontanaShowers has long since been providing excellent quality contemporary bathroom fixtures of contemporary styles and finishes. Its latest addition of brushed gold shower arm collection once again exceeds expectations and promises to satisfy all eager customers. Brushed gold shower finish is in itself an epitome of luxury appeal and when paired with contemporary designs and modern features, it gets even better.

Brushed gold has made a stunning return to popularity as a luxury symbol after its decline years ago. Today, brushed gold finish is considered to be one of the best and more aesthetic touches to a contemporary bathroom. The brushed gold shower arms available at FontanaShowers incorporate modern features like LED lighting, hydro-massage bathtubs, and sensor technologies. These bathroom fixtures are ideal for both domestic and commercial purposes and the variety being offered is sure to satisfy customers of varying tastes. When such amazing features and styles are promised at reasonable prices, what more can one want? The shower arms in this collection are wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted waterfall designs that guarantee a very relaxing bath that feels just like bathing in torrential rain.

The sleek gold finish offers a stunning shiny surface that goes ideally with a gray or black backdrop. The outlook is the perfect picture of luxury and finesse. The waterfall showerheads are not only contemporary in style but also well-known for their quality showering experience. At FontanaShowers , you can find a combination of convenient pricing and luxury features, a rare combination that very few offer.