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Brushed Gold Shower

Showerheads are the defining feature in any bathroom and your choice of showerhead has a huge impact on the outlook and designs of your bathroom. Whenever you plan on renovating your bathroom, upgrading your showerhead should be among the first, if not the very first, steps.

There came a time when gold finishes in bathroom fixtures became obsolete but much like many other trends, gold finishes have revived their popularity. Gold fixtures are the primary choice for luxury bathrooms today because of their elegance.

Popular types of gold finishes

Polished brass: Among the very first gold finishes was polished brass that has an opulent golden glow and was used in luxury bathrooms.

Brushed gold: Brushed gold finishes in showerheads are often the first choice of designers because of their contemporary style. Brushed gold finishes, just like other gold finishes, even go perfectly well with metal finished fixtures that are quite famous today.

Champagne bronze finish: Champagne bronze has a sufficiently versatile outlook that makes it ideal for use with other metal finish fixtures.

Deauville Brushed Gold Solid Brass Round Showerhead and sliding bar Shower

Types of showerheads
There are a number of different styles of showerheads available in the market that differ in terms of their design and shape. Some of the most popular categories include:

  • Detachable and adjustable showerheads

Detachable showerheads are usually hand-held and are available in a number of different styles and shapes. These usually have adjustable water pressure and sliding bar showerheads that are height-adjustable.

  • Rain showerheads

Rain showerheads, also known as shower rose, are often installed in luxury spas and resorts. The wide showerhead that gives a large spray of water is the feature that makes it popular for use in these places. However, spas are not the only place where these are popular. Many contemporary, luxury style bathrooms in homes also have these showerheads. They are recognized for their relaxing shower experience that makes it feel like you are experiencing real rainfall.

  • Waterfall showerheads

Water showerheads are much like rainfall showerheads but differ in terms of where the water is expelled. Waterfall showerheads pour water over its ledge, unlike rain showerheads that have holes for that purpose.

  • Double showerheads

A double showerhead, as the name suggests, has two showerheads. One of these is usually fixed and the other detachable. You can use the detachable showerheadas a handheld shower.

1-Fontana Deauville Brushed Gold Solid Brass Round Showerhead And Sliding Bar Shower
This showerhead is both durable and elegant. Its brushed gold finish and appealing design make it an design addition to any bathroom. The showerhead has a dual handle control system to enable temperature management, a handheld shower with a slide bar, and easy water flow. It is also very easy to install and you would need no professional aid. The round showerhead offers the best of both; appearance and showering experience.

Brushed Gold Thin Square Rainfall Shower Head

2- Brushed Gold Thin Square Rainfall Shower Head

This showerhead has a very contemporary and modern design that is sure to improve your bathroom's outlook. Its luxury appearance and gold finish both make it an epitome of modern art. This, together with its rainfall design will improve your shower experience immensely. The shower arm is wall-mounted and requires a standard G12 connection.

3-Fontana LED WaterFall/RainFall Brushed Gold Shower Head
Fontana showers always promise to give contemporary styles and excellent finishes, and this showerhead is no different. Fontana LED Waterfall/rainfall showerheadwill give your bathroom an elegant aura and will improve its outlook. Its solid construction and super seal technology together guarantee durability like none other. It has a single holder dual control feature with a rainfall showerhead.

Features of showerheads

Nozzle: The nozzle of the showerhead that plays the most significant role. It is perforated with pores that release the water. The nozzle might have additional features like LED lighting to make it more luxurious.
Tap The tap monitors the water flow and other features like temperature adjustment wherever present. The tap is typically situated on the wall next to where the showerhead is installed.

Steam features
Steam features are among the most popular additions to the traditional showerhead. Here, the shower head also releases steam to humidify the area and allow for a steam bath.
Upgrading the showerhead will surely be a significant improvement for your bathroom as well as the house. There are a number of different finishes that you could choose from but brushed gold is so far the most popular.

WaterFall-RainFall Brushed Gold Shower Head
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Fontana Casoria 20x40in Brushed Gold Ceiling Mount Rain Shower Head Fontana Casoria 20x40in Brushed Gold Ceiling Mount Rain Shower Head

Fontana Casoria 20x40in Brushed Gold Ceiling Mount Rain Shower Head

Vicenza 20x40in Polished Gold Shower Head Fontana Vicenza 20x40in Polished Gold Ceiling Mount Rainfall Shower Head

Fontana Vicenza 20x40 Polished Gold Rain Shower Head Solid Brass

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