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Brushed Gold Showerhead Extension

Showerhead extensions are getting more and more common. They add some dimension to your regular showerheads and the fact that you get many extension styles to choose from makes it convenient for you to optimize your bathing. For instance, you have the regular wall mount and ceiling extensions that will provide you a steady rainfall. Then, you have the extendable handheld brushed gold showerhead extension which allows you to move the water stream around your body while standing at a place. Moreover, the body spray showerhead extensions are also these for you to pick.

The brushed gold gives your showerheads a catchy and decent look. It blends in well with various colors and is likely to match up with your bathroom colors. Brass is the primary material used in manufacturing these showerheads and it is given a thin gold coating. Despite the fact that the layer is thin, PVD finishing technology assures that the finish will last for years to come. Many individuals know that the 1980s and 90s were the glory days of brass products with gold finishing being one of the most popular choices. After taking a dip due to the introduction of new options in the market, it is on the rise once again.

These showerhead extensions offer you high durability and a long lifespan. The style is fairly traditional but the fact that there are new designs, particularly the square and rectangular ones with LED and other catchy features, you get more than just classic showerheads.