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Brushed Nickel Shower Arm

Brush nickel shower arm is perfect to fix any kind of shower head properly. These come in a wide range of hole sizes for the fixation of smaller to large showerheads. These bring provisional elegance to the bathroom or kitchen d├ęcor. These are available in the light brush, warm grey metallic look.

The durable nickel shower arm is perfect for any kind of bathroom because the color mixes and match with any theme. These come with the height above the water pipe of about 6 1/8 inches and its length extends about 14 inches from the water. You not only add shower heads for the bathroom rather these are available for attachment of the spray heads in the kitchen also. The retractable pipe is attached to them for easy rinsing of the utensils. It adds about 10 inches extra showering space and fit with all standard showerheads. It is an ideal and beautiful option for the rain head also. The solid brass construction adds durability and offers the tough strength to the extension piece.

Shower arms are constructed in a way so these keep the showerhead in the position. The nickel finish gives them a warm look and keeps them free of corrosion and rust. Moreover, just like brushed nickel showerhead, these are easy to clean also. Only wiping with a damp cloth will remove any water spots. The shower arm is stain proof and does not get a finger impression on it.

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