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Brushed Nickel Showerhead Extension

Showerhead extensions are great to make your bath a bit more than just a shower. While the traditional wall or ceiling mount shower extensions may feel all the same, the modern day rainfall and body sprays are a bit more than just ordinary. Each showerhead has its own pros and cons and it is solely a matter of what you may wish to prefer. Also, with various finishes, you can pick just the right one to suit your bathroom as well as your budget, speaking of which we present to you the brushed nickel showerhead extension.

These extensions are relatively inexpensive and mainly rival the traditional chrome polishing that we generally see when it comes to stainless steel products. The brushed nickel showerhead extensions are great if you don’t like to have water spots. They blend well with different colors and compliment your settings to a great extent. Particularly, if you go for the handheld extensions, the pros of opting for brushed nickel is that they don’t have visible fingerprints.

Comparing these products with the the chrome finishing, you will find both non-corrosive and pretty durable. If you prefer warm tones that are closer to the earth, you are going to love the brushed nickel. However, those who opt for cooler range and want a range from white to grey, the chrome finish is a more attractive choice. Nonetheless, there is a huge variety available to you for brushed nickel and their increasing popularity in the market can be a decisive factor for you.