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Oil Rubbed Bronze LED Faucets

At FontanaShowers, we offer you a variety of faucets. Faucets are required everywhere in bathrooms and any place that has a sink or a bathtub. We have a variety of faucets from which you can choose. We also have a great variety of oil rubbed bronze faucets. We have these in a bronze color with great oil rubbed finish which makes and provide a modern and glossy look. /

Our oil rubbed faucets are made up of very strong material with durability kept in mind to last longer and make our products trustworthy. We have these faucets for a variety of places. You can get them installed in your bathroom sinks or any other place that there might be a washbasin. You can also buy them for your bathtubs. Also, there are LED lights on our faucets. /

The best part about them is that they don't require any electric connection, instead, they are activated by the pressure of water flowing through the hole of the faucet. Our oil rubbed faucets have a modern design and have everything you can dream about in a fancy bathroom. The LED lights have a great feature as well. Apart from being activated via the flow of water, the lights are also temperature sensitive and have a color indicator to show if the water is hot, moderate, or cold. The products are guaranteed to last a lifetime as the materials used in them are very high quality is surely made to satisfy you. /

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