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Rain Showerhead Satin Nickel

If you really need to repair your showerhead, try using the satin nickel 8 inches rain showerhead in nickel turquoise. This showerhead is simple to mount for residential or commercial showers. It is built of robust brass steel. The satin nickel polish gives a clean look. Nickel satin shower head is the pioneer of domestic faucets, pool wrinkles and kitchen and bathroom baths. Highly integrated production and creative innovation converge to achieve maximum, real worth products for the pipeline industry.

This Shower Set features 12" round mounted shower head with 304 stainless steel, Multi-function head (2 In 1) side shower head including Sprayer (brass), 16" shower extension wand (brass), 59" shower nozzle also made of stainless steel, shower keeper (brass) and Bathroom Bathtub Hard to handle Valve Seat (brass), all you need to have the perfect shower touch. Air Intake Technology-Saving up to 30% on irrigation with advanced air injection design, which is also perfect for eliminating noise. The combination of water and air is the optimal solution for places of water pressure.

With a brushed nickel appearance in Europe and The united states style and a multi-layer ultrasonic cleaning completing the Standard Test Inspection, It can solved quickly the material corrosion due to the humid atmosphere in the washroom; 2 In 1 hand held showerhead is different from many of the others included with the shower package, just turn the body, easily change the shower function to the spray arm mode, commonly used for cloaking and animal shower. The product has the lifetime warranty.