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Commercial Faucets for Industrial Facilities

Touchless faucets are utilized in industrial facilities to improve hygiene standards, enhance efficiency, conserve water, and withstand the challenging conditions of the environment. Their hands-free operation, durability, and water-saving capabilities make them a practical and beneficial choice for industrial applications. Architects love Fontana Showers touchless faucets and soap dispensers because they are made specifically for use in restrooms and washrooms at industrial venues like factories, working spaces, warehouses, etc. and because they are designed to suit their unique specifications. These faucets were created after considerable consultation with professionals in the field. These amazing faucets are unique because of their touchless controls.

The best selection of touchless faucets and soap dispensers

Architects, Designers, Property Developers, .... ! appreciates Fontana range of touchless faucets and soap dispensers. These innovative fixtures are perfect for optimizing work processes and leaving a lasting impression on your clients. Specifically designed for restrooms and washrooms in industrial venues, such as factories, where a large number of workers and laborers enter and exit restroom spaces round the clock, our touchless faucets offer a diverse selection to cater to different preferences and designs. By incorporating these technologically advanced fixtures, designers can elevate both functionality and design, ensuring a seamless and hygienic experience for users in these bustling environments. Experience the future of restroom technology and enhance your projects with Fontana's top-of-the-line touchless faucets and soap dispensers.

Why Architects Specify Touchless Faucets from Fontana Showers for their Bathroom Facilities Project?

Architects choose to specify touchless faucets from Fontana Showers for their bathroom facilities projects due to several compelling reasons. Firstly, touchless faucets prioritize hygiene and health by eliminating the need for physical contact, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria among users. This is especially crucial in public spaces where multiple individuals frequent the restrooms. Secondly, Fontana touchless faucets offer convenience and efficiency with the motion sensor technology, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. Additionally, these faucets contribute to water conservation efforts by regulating water flow and minimizing wastage. They also enhance the overall design of the bathroom facilities, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to the design. With their combination of hygiene, convenience, water efficiency, and visual appeal, touchless faucets from Fontana are an ideal choice for architects looking to create functional and exceptional bathroom facilities.

HONEYWELL Explore our wide range of touchless faucets at the Honeywell
The corporate headquarters of the American multinational conglomerate Honeywell International Inc. are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technology (PMT), and safety and productivity solutions make up its four main business sectors (SPS). Honeywell is an excellent industrial firm all around.

It's an excellent place to work with great management and workplace culture. The management is excellent.

Their management promises to provide you with a safe environment that conforms to industry standards for battling COVID-19 and looks forward to having you back as a client or employee at any of their locations across the US. They use our products for their restrooms because they want to keep them more opulent and secure.
TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS Check out our fantastic products for worthy customers across the US.
The Fontana Wall Mount Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucet in Chrome, which is appropriate for all styles of standard US plumbing, was used by Honeywell. Infrared sensors, which also successfully restrict the spread of germs from our works of art, enable completely hands-free functioning.

From our high-end selection, you can select other high-end touchless faucets.
Our touchless technology faucets for commercial buildings, such as offices, warehouses, and factories, reduce microorganisms. The hands-free faucet from Fontana Showers only turns on when you need water and shuts off on its own when you're done. We offer a distinctive look with our wide assortment of touchless faucets and soap dispensers. We chose the product's design based on user and designer preferences. Architects typically seek out items that have an air of opulence. In light of this, we built every component.

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FontanaShowers, a USA company with a rich history spanning more than three decades, with over 30 years of experience in creating luxurious and technologically advanced bathroom fixtures and accessories. The company stands at the intersection of functionality and innovation, offering a diverse array of products that cater to both commercial and residential spaces. Among offerings are sophisticated showerheads that range from thermostatic systems to cutting-edge, voice-controlled smart showers equipped with digital interfaces. For those looking to add a touch of allure, the we specialize in captivating LED showerheads. We provide high-grade touchless faucets and automatic soap dispensers designed to handle high traffic with ease. The line of bathtubs includes both freestanding and drop-in models, available in various styles and dimensions to suit any interior.

Recommended Commercial Touchless Faucets:

Matte Black Touchless Sensor Faucets

The showerhead size available at FontanaShowers

Matte black electronic touchless sensor faucets are an excellent choice for industrial facility restrooms. Their durability withstands high-traffic usage, while the touchless sensor feature promotes better hygiene by reducing contact and preventing the spread of germs. With easy maintenance and water efficiency, these faucets are well-suited for busy industrial settings. Additionally, the modern and sophisticated look of the matte black finish adds to the overall aesthetics, making a positive impression on both employees and visitors. Our extraordinary collection of Matte Black Touchless Sensor Faucets and Soap Dispensers.

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