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Explore our wide range of touchless faucets at the San Francisco International Airport.

The best airport to utilize to travel to San Francisco itself is San Francisco International Airport, although it's also rather simple to get to from other regions of The Bay. San Francisco International was the best-rated airport in the country, placing first in this category ahead of other American airports like Seattle, Charlotte, Las Vegas, and Orlando, and third overall, behind Toronto and Barcelona.

The San Francisco International Airport administration welcomes visitors from all around the world and promises to provide them with a safe environment that complies with industry standards for battling COVID-19. Their architects chose our products for them to keep their lavatories more sumptuous and secure. That's why they chose us for the latest renovation of their airport’s washrooms and restrooms.


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The Fontana Commercial Matte Black Automatic Wall Mount XT5 Sensor Faucet, which is appropriate for all styles of standard US plumbing, was used at the San Francisco International Airport. Infrared sensors, which also successfully restrict the spread of germs from our works of art, enable completely hands-free functioning.

Our premium selection also includes extra high-end touchless faucets for your consideration.


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Why choose Fontana Showers?

Our touchless technology faucets for transportation venues, including bus stations, airports, etc., decrease bacteria. FontanaShowers' hands-free faucet only activates when you need water and automatically turns off once you're finished. With our extensive selection of touchless faucets and soap dispensers, we provide a unique style. Based on user and designer preferences, we made design decisions for the product. Architects frequently look for objects that appear opulent. In light of this, we constructed every part.

Preservation of water:

If you install a touchless faucet, you might be able to save thousands of gallons of water annually. Up to 85% of your yearly water usage can be saved by a fixture rated 0.35 GPM. Natural resources like fresh water are scarce. Therefore, everyone must contribute to the conservation of water resources to guarantee that they are available for future generations, and that is also our goal. You may save water by purchasing one of our touchless motion-sensor faucets. These stunning faucets can only be turned on by motion, and they only remain on when motion is detected or the metering time has elapsed.

Easy Installation

They are comparatively simple to install, whether you are placing one in your house, place of business, or at some transportation terminals. You can save your hard-earned money by doing it yourself if the update is straightforward and merely involves replacing manual fixtures with touchless faucets. Moreover, our team of high experts are always ready to come up. Our website offers many options in terms of style and colours. In addition, you can check out our range of highly-designed products.