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Commitment to Continuous Improvement
for Government Facilities

Fontana Showers is dedicated to sustainability and continuous improvement, making them an ideal partner for government facilities committed to eco-friendly practices. Their ongoing research and development focus on advancing technologies and methods to enhance the environmental performance of their fixtures. This commitment ensures that Fontana Showers' products remain at the forefront of sustainability, offering the most eco-conscious solutions for government buildings.

Water and Energy Efficiency

By integrating these sustainable practices, Fontana Showers helps reduce the environmental impact of government facility restrooms and supports broader sustainability goals. Their focus on water and energy efficiency, durable materials, eco-friendly manufacturing, and waste reduction aligns perfectly with the needs of government facilities aiming to enhance their sustainability profile. This commitment not only ensures compliance with stringent environmental regulations but also promotes long-term cost savings and environmental stewardship.

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BIM files and Revit families

Innovative solutions for the architectural and construction industries

We offer BIM files and Revit families for all our bathroom fixtures. These digital files are valuable resources for architects, designers, and construction professionals, providing detailed information and 3D models of our products. We aim to enhance the design and planning process for our clients, making it easier for them to incorporate our fixtures seamlessly into their projects.

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