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Smart Touchless Restroom Operations

Explore our wide range of touchless faucets at restroom government facilities

The government facilities are premier government location in the center of the city that captures the energetic mood of the nation's capital. Making it the perfect setting for meetings and activities held by the government. They promise to provide you with a safe environment that adheres to industry requirements for preventing transfer of germs. They select our smart products, including touchless faucets and soap dispensers, for these restrooms and washrooms mainly for their quality, elegance and low maintenance.


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Government buildings used the Fontana Matte Black and Rose Gold Wall Mount Commercial Restroom Sensor Faucet, which is suitable for all types of standard US plumbing. Completely hands-free operation is made possible by infrared sensors, which also successfully stop the spread of germs from our pieces of art.

Additional high-end touchless faucets are available in our high-end selection for you to choose from.


Gensler Architectural Selections

Why choose Fontana Showers?

Our touchless faucets with technology minimize bacteria in public buildings, retail establishments, and warehouses. Fontana Showers hands-free faucets only activate when you need water and automatically turn off once you're finished. With our extensive selection of touchless faucets and soap dispensers, we provide a unique look. We chose the product's design based on user and designer preferences. Architects frequently look for objects with an impression of grandeur. In light of this, we constructed every part.


Recommended Commercial Touchless Faucets:

Wall Mount Automatic Touchless Sensor Faucet

The goods from FontanaShowers are renowned for their toughness. In government premises, touchless automatic sensor faucets on walls They save space and require little upkeep.

Variety of Automatic Sensor Faucets, Brushed Nickel.

Brushed nickel is the finish we provide in various motion-sensing faucet designs. Touchless faucets come with a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee and are available in AD/DC. They are great for public restrooms and government-building washrooms.

Full range of stainless-steel manual push soap dispensers and auto sensor faucets.

The most hygienic, hands-free options for public toilets are manual hand soap dispensers and commercial automatic infrared electronic touchless faucets.