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Commercial Buildings

Fontana Showers contributes to sustainability in commercial building restrooms through advanced water-saving technologies, energy-efficient components, and the use of durable, long-lasting materials like brass and stainless steel, which reduce the need for frequent replacements. Our eco-friendly manufacturing processes minimize waste and emissions, supporting green building certifications such as LEED. By designing fixtures that are easy to maintain and repair, and promoting recycling, we help reduce overall waste. Additionally, Fontana Showers educates users on the environmental benefits and efficient use of our products, fostering a culture of sustainability in commercial environments.

Restrooms & Washrooms

Architects and designers have a great interest in our touchless faucets, available in a variety of styles, and specifically designed for restrooms and washrooms in office buildings where high foot traffic is common. Fontana Showers fixtures combine modern design with functionality, enhancing hygiene and convenience while contributing to a sophisticated and efficient restroom environment.

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