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AC/DC Operated Touchless Soap Dispenser

It is thought that touchless soap dispensers are just modern-looking items in a home, but they are very convenient to use. They are mainly used for commercial purposes because you don't need to touch the soap for washing hands which automatically prevents the spread of germs. Now we are discussing AC/DC operated touchless soap dispenser, which will surely fill your place with great convenience.

1. Fontana touchless wall mount soap dispenser

This is one of the best fixtures and upgrades you can do in your bathroom or for commercial purposes. This soap dispenser has the advantage of using multi-voltage operation AC/DC, which you can adjust according to your availability. It is ideal for kitchen and bathroom use. It has adjustable sensors with wall mount installation.

2. Fontana deck mount intelligent touchless soap dispenser

This touchless soap dispenser comes in a very elevating design which increases the appeal of your bathroom or kitchen. Moreover, it performs very well by offering the benefit of the multi-voltage operation. It provides impressive hygienic because of its super sealed technology sensors. It gives you a long life in your home.

3. Fontana ORB touchless soap dispenser

This soap dispenser is highly considered because of its top feature, "the multi-voltage usage ability". Additionally, it has excellent capacity inside its storage tank. Its sensor eyes are very keen and amazingly performing their project. It is ultimately maintenance-free. It can sense your hand's motion very fast and reliably.


After reading it once, we hope you will like the article because entire products are exceptional in their ways. AC/DC operated touchless soap dispenser is easy to use.

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