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Full Selection of Auto Sensor Faucet and Stainless Steel Manual Push Soap Dispensers.

Commercial automatic infrared electronic touchless faucets and manual hand soap dispensers are the most hygienic, hands-free solutions for public restrooms.

FontanaShowers offer different styles and a variety of sensory faucets and manual dispensers that consist of satisfactory quality and material and are particularly designed to bear the pressure of massive traffic. Moreover, our sensory faucets and manual soap dispensers are super-efficient in commercial places, including parks, shopping malls, airports, hotels, and other public places. FontanaShowers sensory faucets and manual soap dispensers play a significant role in marinating hygiene and good health conditions with their touchless system. The automatic infrared electronic touchless faucets are easy to use and work only by placing a hand under them. This function ensures less wastage of water, especially in public places. Moreover, our manual soap dispensers are easy to handle and release a fixed amount of soap to ensure there is no wastage of soap occurs. You can easily find the desired style and material of faucets and soap dispensers required for commercial and residential places. Their low maintenance features make them more efficient and the first choice for people to use.

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