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Brushed Gold Color Changing Shower System

What can be better than a shower system that tells you what is the temperature of the water flowing from the shower? FontanaShowers brings for you an incredible range of showers which are brushed, gold in color, having an amazing quality that is rust and corrosion resistant and last very long. These gold showers are not only coming with an attractive gold color but have some features to them which are as valuable as gold itself.

The LED lights in the gold shower system tells you what is the temperature of the water while it is flowing from the shower. The lights change their color with the change in temperature that occurs. If the color of light is bluish it means that the water is cold and when the color is reddish, it shows that the water is warm or hot. Due to these color changing lights, you always know what temperature the water has before you step under the shower in winters and summers. This feature is also beneficial in saving water because you do not have to wait and let some water flow until you adjust the temperature before a shower. The LED system does that for you.

Gold finish is one of the most appealing and trendiest finishes in d├ęcor styles for a bathroom. It not only is durable and long lasting but it also gives your bathroom an attractive look, giving you a feeling of luxury. The Brushed Gold Color Changing Shower System is a modern choice for people who like their bathrooms to look cool and their shower set to last for a long period of time.

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