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Get ready to give the commercial bathroom a contemporary and elegant appeal with a brushed Gold rain shower system. Few different types of rain shower heads are available at FontanaShower to give spas, parlors, airports, and hotel bathrooms an extravagant appeal. The wall-mounted rain shower head is in a trend that can be mounted on the bathroom wall. A shower arm is connected with the showerhead to the wall. These are available in square and round shapes. Water flows like rainfall and provides wonderful showering and relaxation. Ceiling-mounted rain shower systems are fixed in the ceiling; these save space by flushing them against the ceiling. These also come in rectangular, round, and rectangular shapes. Mostly these are installed in commercial buildings and hotels to provide a luxurious look to the bathroom. Sliding bar rain shower heads give an extemporaneous look, and these are mounted on a bar. One can adjust the position of the showerhead according to ease. One gets the hand-free option of a hand shower head that can be detached from the bar and can be used as a hand shower. One more option the commercial buildings can opt for is the dual shower head. Having two wall-mounted fixed showerheads. These have either two fixed showerheads or with one fixed and the other one is a handheld shower system. These deliver uniform rain-type water flow to give soothing showering time. All these are available in a brushed gold finish that is free of corrosion and long-lasting. Thus, make the best option to install in commercial bathrooms.

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