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Commercial Bathroom Touchless Faucet

Whenever you go to public restrooms, you must touch the faucet with your dirty hands; it feels off to many people. Now, touchless faucets are being used for commercial purposes because it gives the convenience you need. Many modern-looking commercial bathroom touchless faucet are available, which we will be discussing now.

1. Fontana commercial thermostatic touchless faucet

This touchless faucet comes with a thermostatic control, enabling you to control the water temperature according to your needs. This fulfils the needs of commercial purposes significantly because of its impressive performance and classic motion detection technology. This faucet is anti-erosion and anti-abrasion.

2. Fontana commercial all-in-one touchless faucet

This polished black faucet has the automatic operation and a thermostat to set the temperature accordingly. Moreover, it offers a fantastic user experience in commercial places. The maintenance process is straightforward and takes minimal time to be completed. It is considered ideal for public restrooms with elevation decor.

3. Rio commercial gooseneck touchless faucet

This touchless faucet's operation automatically prevents the cross-contamination of bacteria and germs. It comes with indicators for power and battery low. It is highly convenient for commercial purposes because its built-in filter protects it from entering the solenoid valve. It has an adjustable sensing range.


The commercial bathroom touchless faucet proves to be a fantastic source of maintaining hygiene and convenience at the same time. So, for commercial purposes, you should choose them from the above. We will love to see you again.

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