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Commercial Toilets Soap Dispenser

In commercial buildings, toilets are used by everyone. Because of high usage, advanced technology soap dispensers need to be installed, which can quickly provide a great user experience in every situation. Commercial soap dispensers are designed to provide fantastic performance and highly advanced features to accommodate the needs of public toilets. Let's dig out some commercial toilets soap dispensers.

LYON Brushed nickel automatic soap dispenser

It is best for bathroom applications, especially for commercial projects. It is a heavy-duty soap dispenser with a touchless operation. The components used in manufacturing this soap dispenser are of top-notch quality, eventually delivering impressive performance. A remote control can adjust its sensing range.

Genoa ultra-modern electric soap dispenser

This soap dispenser's fantastic feature is that it can easily fit with the overall interior of commercial toilets. It has a built-in innovative technology that automatically pumps out an exact amount of soap in your hand. It can be easily installed above the sink. It can be used with battery power or optional dc/ac according to needs.

Sierra wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser

This soap dispenser comes up with a Venetian bronze finish, making it the classy one for commercial toilets. This soap dispenser system works out automatically with adjustable settings according to your consumption. Soap can be easily refilled inside it below the counter. This is specially designed for high traffic.


Commercial toilet soap dispensers are better for premium usage and have an excellent user experience in commercial places. You should give it a try!

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