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Digital Hi Tech Shower Sets

Are you renovating your bathroom? Or you just have to change your old faucets with the new one? Are you looking for something ultra-luxe and high tech? If yes, then yes, you should pick the digital hi-tech shower sets and faucets that will definitely change the overall ambiance of your refreshing area. Now, if you are thinking about why to install the digital shower in your bathroom and what benefits you will get from these, then look at our Fontana new digital series showers. You will not leave without getting inspired.

Few benefits and features that win your heart and you prefer to install these latest gadgets in your bathroom to change its attire are

Smart technology
In this digital era, everything is turned to a Smart feature. People are also getting used to smart technology and not preferring manual systems. The latest shower set, Fontana 22," Venice that is multifunctional is the superior type that offers the new technology features. It offers comfort with extremely high technology.

It meets all your expectations, from designs to longevity, high water flow, and everything that you expect. The contemporary showerheads with smart technology come with the temperature sensor and provide three color water. So you can enjoy the comfy bath with the temperature that you want to set during your bath time. The dual holder and dual control is another benefit that you get from the digital high tech shower system

Venice Multifunctional Shower Polished 3 Way Rainfall Shower Set

    1-Fontana 22" Venice Multifunctional Shower Polished 3 Way Rainfall Shower Set

When we see around the catalogs, we will find a beautiful and stylish showerhead. All look appealing and enticing. We want to invest in all. If you are design-conscious and looking for the wow factor in your bathroom equipment than another model by Fontana: A Munich rainfall shower is an exceptional option.

It is a complete shower system comprises of the showerhead with a single handle, thus depicting a complete modern touch and style. The 16-inch shower head provides you a feel of heavy yet comfy rainfall experience while taking a bath. You will get the durability, shape, elegance, and lastly, the adorable finish.

    2-Fontana Munich Rainfall Wall Mount Shower Head with Single Handle

Just like its appeal, these smart showers are ideal in functionality also. Talking about the water flow, temperature maintenance, water flow styles, all are perfect. The branded products like Fontana Oil Rubbed shower head are not only smart in appeal while superior in functionality. The modern design comes with a wall-mounted shower and handheld shower. The fun shower offers the light that you can dim or brighten according to your mood. So enjoy taking a shower with the smooth shower flow in the temperature range that you want to enjoy.

Fontana Munich Rainfall Wall Mount Shower Head with Single Handle

    3-Fontana Oil Rubbed Bronze Square Color Changing LED Rain Shower System

The benefits of digital & smart showers
If you are thinking of switching from traditional showers to the digital high tech shower set, then you are making the right decision as it offers number of benefits. These include

  • There is no need for fiddling or fine-tuning; instead, it offers easy to use controls.
  • These are equipped with the thermostatic temperature control system, so no extreme temperature. In fact, set the temperature you want to take a bath
  • Fontana shower range comes with built-in safety features.
  • Best for all types of heated water systems; you can conveniently connect with the immersion heater or boiler.
  • Above all, these are fascinating in appeal. On installation, you get the persuading effect for your bathroom and have modern touch in your refreshing area

How to install a digital shower head?
To install the digital shower head, need a complete manual and guideline. You usually need a service from plumber and mason for complete adjustment of the showerheads, especially if you have bought the wall or ceiling-mounted showerheads. Otherwise, if you just have to install with the plumb line, you can read the instruction manual that you get with each type of high tech showerhead and do it yourself.

Final verdict
High tech showerheads are in trend now. If you are willing to give contemporary yet stylish appeal to your bathroom, then choose the digital high tech shower sets and have a fantastic bath experience.

Fontana Oil Rubbed Bronze Square Color Changing LED Rain Shower System