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How to install Bravat Motion Sensor Faucet

Easy step by steps Installation Instructions for Bravat Commercial Electronic Faucet

  • Before you begin, please read the installation instructions below. Observe all local building and safety codes.
  • Unpack and inspect the product for any shipping damages. If you find damages, do not install.
  • Please note all showers must be installed by a professional and certified plumber otherwise warranty might be voided.
sensor Bravat Commercial Electronic Faucet

Sensor Faucet Installations Instructions

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Step 9: Step 10: (Hot & Cold Connection)


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Step 13: Step 14: Hot & Cold Regulator

Step 15: Step 16: (Correct way for Hose)

1. Screw the hose into the corresponding screw-hole of the faucet body. Fix the o-ring into the bottom groove of the faucet body.

2. Insert hose, threaded pipe and data cable through the drilled hole of the countertop. Put rubber washer and metal washer onto the threaded pipe, screwing in mounting nut. Adjust the faucet body correctly and tighten the mounting nut with screws.

3. Install the control box to the wall and fix it with screws.

4. Add the rubber washer and screw supply elbow to the control box.

5. Add rubber washers and connect water lines to the hot and cold inlets of the supply elbow. Then connect the hose to the water outlet and insert data cable into the control box and plugin.

6. Make Connections to water supplies. Turn on hot and cold water supplies and flush water lines into a container for one minute. Important: This flushes away any debris that could cause damage to internal parts.

7. Connect waterlines to angle stops. Turn on the angle stops and check for leaks (DO NOT TURN FAUCET ON).

8. Turn the faucet on for 1 minute to flush any debris.

Flexible Connecting Hose

Care must be taken when connecting the flexible connection hose from the power supply box to the spout to ensure it does not bend sharply and kink or twist.
See above for recommended ways to fit the flexible connecting hose.

Important: Failure to follow these guidelines may result in poor performance and damage to the flexible connection hose.

Bravat Commercial Electronic Faucet

Reduces the transfer of germs by preventing cross-contamination and re-contamination of germs and bacteria by not touching the faucets or handles. Cut down on water usage by minimizing waste of water while soaping, lathering, scrubbing and drying hands by eliminating unnecessary and unattended water flow.


  • Water Conserving
  • AC/DC Operation
  • Battery low LED light indicator
  • Advanced circuit design saves electricity and water
  • Advanced energy saving design for long lasting battery life.
  • Three-year battery life based on 3,000 hand washes per month
  • Long life durable body
  • Power Supply Options
  • ADA Complaint
  • Vandal-Resistant Aerator
  • Highly-Polished, Chrome Plated Cast Brass Bodies
  • Low Battery Indicator Light
  • In-Line Filter
Bravat Commercial Electronic Faucet

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