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Custom swivel nozzles were designed by some of finest engineers; with the intentions of providing you with a concentrated massage on any desired parts of your body.
1.2 GPM Delivered per body spray under 45 PSI .
Efficient massage and low water consumption.
Three way shower head
Allows you to receive a massage while you take a “traditional shower."
Swivel shower head allows you to adjust the spray to the desired part of your body.
Delivers 2.5 GMP max under and water pressure.
Equipped with a state of the art anti clogging system.
Self cleaning mechanism (Extends shower head life)
Hand Shower Hose
Manufactured from high quality brass flex-hose.
Long enough to go anywhere in the shower.
Chrome Finish for an elegant look.
Exceptional durability for a longer life.
Engineered with custom materials that reduce clogging.
Hand Shower Holder
Engineered from high quality products that will hold up to the maximum water pressure.
Easy Installation "Easy to Install"
Panel mounts in less than 15 minutes with usual tools.
Standard Half Inch Plumbing
Factory Pre-plumbed
Requires only 40psi to run
Nothing to recess (avoids most risk of water damage).
Mounts onto the wall using 2 easy to install brackets
Fast and convenient access for easy maintenance.
If you have enough water pressure to adequately operate a handheld shower, you will not experience water issues with any of our shower panel. If you're absolutely sure you have low pressure in your house, you may have problems a shower panel will not solve. This panel is easy to mount. It comes with 2 mounting brackets, screws and a simple mounting diagram. The brackets are mounted to the wall with 4 screws and the panel rests on the brackets. The hot and cold water is connected using two flexible hoses to the water pipes. There are only two controls. A hot and cold water mixer that sets water temperature and a diverter that sends the water to various parts of the shower panel. The water jets are held in place by tension rings that can be unscrewed to change the orientation of the water nozzles. You only need to set them once. In most cases a simple plumbing procedure is needed before connecting this panel to the water supply.