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Installation Instructions

Download PDF Installation Instructions

1. Open the top cover and drill according to the marked position.

  • Mark by the position of the four holes.
  • Take care to avoid wires and pipes to prevent damage.
  • Be sure to confirm that the four holes are on the same horizontal line.

2. Two inlet fittings are connected to the pipe joint of the wall; then the nut, expansion screw, and inlet pipe are connected.

3. Reinstall the top cover.

Hand-Held Shower Instructions


Remove Front Cover (5A) from Wall Mount (5B). Use Wall Mount Screw Holes (5C) to place the desired location. Using a punch or awl, tap the screw hole locations. Holes must be vertically aligned.


Drill two 1/4” dia. Holes (6A). If installing into a studs drill two 1/8” dia. holes and do not use Anchors (6B). Insert Anchors (6B) into Holes (6A) and tap flush with wall.


Place Wall Mount (7A) into wall and inset Mounting Screws (7B) through Wall Mount Holes (7C) and tighten until Wall Mount (7A) is flush with the wall. Do Not Over Tighten! Insert Front Cover (7D) into Wall Mount (7A)


Apply PTFE plumbers tape on both ends of Pipe Nipple (8A) (not included). Screw Pipe Nipple (8A) into the elbow inside the wall. The Pipe Nipple (8A) is to project 1/4” – 3/4” from the finished wall. Screw Drop Elbow (8B) onto Pipe Nipple (8A) and tighten until Drop Elbow (8B) is property positioned and flush to the finished wall.

Place Rubber Seal (8C) inside Hex Hose Fitting (8D). Connect Hex Hose Fitting (8D) into Drop Elbow Outlet (8E) by turning Hex Hose Fitting (8D).


Turn on hot and cold water supplies, and check all connections for leaks.


For final flushing, turn the valve on and allow water to run through the Hose (10A) for several minutes. Allow water to run for several minutes until all foreign matter clears the line.

Place Rubber Seal (11A) inside Tapered Hose Fitting (11B). Conned Hand Shower (11C) to Hose (11D) by turning Tapered Hose Fitting (118) clockwise.

Shower Holder Installation

1. Open the closed cover of the shower holder and take out the screws.

2. Drill two holes size 6mm on the wall according the hole position of the shower holder. Use a hammer to break 2 plastic wall plug into two holes. Tighten the screws with the plastic wall plug and locking with the shower holder. Then install the closed cover.

3. Connect the shower hose with water outlet connection part and hand shower. Plug the hand shower in the shower holder.

Mixer Installation

a. Release four handwheel levers according to above directions.

b. Take apart the embed valve, panel, and handwheel.

1. Dig the embed space for the pipe on the wall according the specification of the valve.

2. Dig 4 hole according to the position of the screws.

3. Use a hammer to thwack the screws into 4 holes.

4. Fix the valve body with 4 screws.

5. Find out the expansion screw heads with washer and spring washer. Use copper sleeve wrench to lock the screw heads with the embed valve body.

6. After connect all the pipes and before sealing the wall with concrete, confirm no leaking problem occur when turn on water.

7. Fix the decorative panel on the embed valve body.

8. Screw the handwheel arms with the handwheels.