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Installation Instructions For Fontana 20"x 40" Martinique Large Oil Rubbed Bronze
Solid Brass LED Rain Showerhead System

Fontana 20"x 40" Martinique Large Oil Rubbed Bronze Solid Brass LED Rain Showerhead System

Before you begin, read the installation instructions below. Observe all local building and safety codes.

Unpack and inspect for any shipping damages. If you find any damages, do not install. Contact Customer Service. If you need assistance while installing your shower system, call our Customer Service number.

We recommend consulting a professional if you are unfamiliar with installing bathroom fixtures and plumbing.


  • Screwdriver
  • Teflon Tape
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Smooth Joint Pliers
  • Soft Cloth
  • Silicone Sealant

1. Attach the upper wall support to the shower wall using a drill and the mounting hardware provided. Use a level to ensure that the shower riser is perfectly straight.
2. Place thread sealant on the ½” pipe threads in the shower wall and thread on the mounting nuts. Allow sealant to cure for 24 hours before use.
3. Attach the hot and cold valve bodies and decorative escutcheons (if included) directly to the pipe threads. Tighten with an adjustable wrench to secure.
4. To install a hand-held shower, mount the cradle at a suitable height for the user with the hardware provided. Attach the hose to the faucet with any rubber washers or sealing gaskets included. If your system does not feature a hand-held shower move on to the next step.
5. Attach the showerhead to the top of the riser and tighten with a smooth jaw wrench. Do not tighten more than ¼ turn beyond hand tight.
6. Turn on the water supply and open the faucet valves. Check for any leaks and verify that the hot and cold supplies are working correctly. Let the water flow through the riser pipe and shower hose for approximately 30 seconds to clear out debris and dirt.
Note: If leakage occurs, tighten connections with your adjustable wrench as necessary. If problems persist, contact Customer Service

Shower Head Installation

  • Decorative cover
  • Screws
  • Pipe 1
  • Pipe 2
  • Screw
  • Bolt
  • Nut
  • Water Inlet Pipe

Hole size on ceiling

1. Drawing the line on the ceiling according to the above specification
· Decorative Cover
· pipe 1

2. connect pipe 1 with decorative cover

Drill the holes on the ceiling according to the above hole specification and install 4 pipes.

4. According to the right drawing, install four-pipe 2 into pipe 1. Put the screw bolts through the hole on the side to lock pipe 2 with pipe 1.

5. As the right drawing is shown, install four-pipe 2 on the head shower.

After fixing the showerhead on the ceiling, connect the shower hose with 2 water inlet on the showerhead back cover. The other end connects with the water outlet pipe in the wall.

Remarks: Ceiling mounted shower head comes with fixing bar installation.
1. Draw size on ceiling

2. Install fixing bar on the ceiling

3. Install fixing bar on shower head

4. Put shower head bar on ceiling fixing bar.

The showerhead installation is now complete.

Body-Jet Installation

Install the Supply Piping

Multiple Bodyspray Installation
Water Supply
Nipple Mamelon Nipple
Pressure Balancing Loop
1. Route the water supply lines.
2. If installing more than one bodyspray off the same supply line, construct a pressure balancing loop. Locate a tee along the loop at each bodyspray installation location.
3. Do not strap the pipes at this time.

Single Bodyspray Installation
Nipple Mamelon Nipple
1. Route the water supply line.
2. Install an elbow to the end of the supply pipe at the bodyspray installation location.

Install the Plaster Guard

Install the Plaster Guard
Elbow (or Tee)
Install the plaster guard

Set Piping Depth
Align mark with front of the stud face
Thin Wall

Align mark with front of the stud face
Standard Wall

Install the plaster guard. Push until the plaster guard is snug against the face of the elbow (or tee).

1. Install the water-resistant wall board.
2. Cut out a 4" (10.2 cm) to 4-1/4" (10.8 cm) square at each the installation location.
3. Install the finished wall material

Leak Shield
Socket Wrench With Bit
Waterway Passage
1. Insert the escutcheon into the rough opening. The double ribs of the leak shield should be facing up.
2. If the leak shield makes contact with the elbow: Enlarge the hole in the back of the leak shield to 1-1/4" (3.2 cm).
3. Thread the adapter onto the nipple using the provided 11 mm bit, 11 mm or 7/16" socket, extension and socket wrench. Use masking tape to hold the bit in place, as the bit could fall off and cause damage.
IMPORTANT! The escutcheon should sit loosely at this point. If it is tight against the wall, use a longer pipe nipple.
4. Align the groove in the waterway with the double ribs on the leak shield.
5. Press the waterway into place over the adapter. Secure the waterway to the adapter with the screw provided.
6. Verify that the escutcheon does not turn or shift.

With the ribs of the sprayhead facing up, install the sprayhead to the waterway.

Hand-Held Shower Instructions


Remove Front Cover (5A) from Wall Mount (5B). Use Wall Mount Screw Holes (5C) to place the desired location. Using a punch or awl, tap the screw hole locations. Holes must be vertically aligned.


Drill two 1/4” dia. Holes (6A). If installing into a studs drill two 1/8” dia. holes and do not use Anchors (6B). Insert Anchors (6B) into Holes (6A) and tap flush with wall.


Place Wall Mount (7A) into wall and inset Mounting Screws (7B) through Wall Mount Holes (7C) and tighten until Wall Mount (7A) is flush with the wall. Do Not Over Tighten! Insert Front Cover (7D) into Wall Mount (7A)


Apply PTFE plumbers tape on both ends of Pipe Nipple (8A) (not included). Screw Pipe Nipple (8A) into the elbow inside the wall. The Pipe Nipple (8A) is to project 1/4” – 3/4” from the finished wall. Screw Drop Elbow (8B) onto Pipe Nipple (8A) and tighten until Drop Elbow (8B) is property positioned and flush to the finished wall.

Place Rubber Seal (8C) inside Hex Hose Fitting (8D). Connect Hex Hose Fitting (8D) into Drop Elbow Outlet (8E) by turning Hex Hose Fitting (8D).


Turn on hot and cold water supplies, and check all connections for leaks.


For final flushing, turn the valve on and allow water to run through the Hose (10A) for several minutes. Allow water to run for several minutes until all foreign matter clears the line.


Place Rubber Seal (11A) inside Tapered Hose Fitting (11B). Conned Hand Shower (11C) to Hose (11D) by turning Tapered Hose Fitting (118) clockwise.