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Fontana Reno Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze 3 Way Digital Shower System

Give your bathroom an elegant glance with our Fontana Reno Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze 3 Way Digital Shower System. Concealed digital shower mixer are a great solution for those looking to create a minimalist theme to their bathrooms. Enhanced with oil rubbed bronze finish, offers a sleek look. This is one of the most trendiest finishes across decor styles in the bathroom. This has an elegant modern design and elevates the appeal of your decor made from the highest quality and for great tastes. When it comes to new bathroom upgrades, FontanaShowers is offering shape, finishes and styles that you've looking for.

Fontana Reno Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze 3 Way Digital Shower Mixer Features:

  • Brand Name: FontanaShowers
  • Model Number: FS10120
  • Type: Shower Set
  • Number of Functions: 3 Functions
  • Mixer Type: Digital Mixer
  • Flow Rate: 4.5 GPM
  • Number of Handles: None(Digital Touch Screen)
  • Shower head Size: W 24" x L 24"x H 1"
  • Body Jets Count: 6
  • Body Jet Size: 2"x 2"
  • Surface Treatment: Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Shower head Installation Type: Ceiling Mount
  • Shower head function: Rainfall
  • Shower Head Additional Feature: Water Powered LED lights.
  • Handheld Flex Hose Length: 59 inches.
  • Fontana Reno Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze 3 Way Digital Shower Mixer

    FontanaShowers® Product Warranty Information FontanaShowers Product Warranty
    • Before you begin, please read the installation instructions below. Observe all local building and safety codes.
    • Unpack and inspect the product for any shipping damages. If you find damages, do not install.
    • Please note all showers must be installed by a professional and certified plumber otherwise warranty might be voided.

    Shower Head Installation Instructions


    Step 1: Step 2:
    According to the template (B) mark the location of the mounting holes (1). Use a drill with a 6mm bit to drill mounting holes into studs or blocking.

    Install the mounting brackets (C) with the tapping screws (D1). Thread the shower bars (E) onto the mounting brackets, and the inlet hose (F) onto the water inlet.

    Step 3: Step 4:
    Attach the shower head (A) to the shower bars (E). Connect the inlet hose (F) to the showerhead.

    Step 5:

    Hand Held Shower Installation Instructions

    Step 1: Step 2:

    Step 3:

    Hand Shower Outlet Installation
    • Complete the outlet pipework ensuring it ends in an appropriate 15mm x 1/2" BSP female thread elbow.

    This fitting is not supplied as variations in installations require the selection of a suitable solder or compression fitting.

    • Install the 'Wall Outlet', thread long male 1/2" BSP into the appropriate female fitting using PTFE tape to give a watertight joint.

    Note: The thread can be cut to size if required. Make sure that all debris is removed from the connector and the section that has been cut is dressed correctly, before installation.

    Shower Body Jets Installation Instructions

    Step 1: Body
    Step 2:
    Step 3: Step 4:

    Step 5: (Pressure Balancing Loop)

    Rough-in Suggestion:

    This installation requires a 1/2" male threaded pipe fitting to extend 1/4" beyond the finished surface. The plumber should install a properly anchored 1/2" female pipe fitting (i.e. a drop-ear ell) recessed into the wall, into which a brass pipe nipple of proper length can be fitted once the finished wall is complete.
    Note: The hole size opening should be 1.5" max diameter.

    Bodyspray placement:

    Custom shower systems are sized to the user or users. Bodysprays are normally placed at the upper back, middle back, and upper thigh. Always position bodysprays according to the preferences of the user(s).

    Pressure Balancing Loop:
    If installing bodysprays in a bank of 3 or fewer, a pressure balancing loop is not necessary.
    If installing bodysprays in a bank of 4 or greater, a pressure balancing loop must be used to keep the pressure even between the bodysprays.

    Shower Thermostatic Mixer Installation Instructions

    Step 1: Step 2:
    mixer instruction mixer
    Step 3: Step 4:
    Step 5: Step 6:

    3 Way Connection
    Step 7: Step 8:
    3 Way
    Step 9: Step 10:
    Step 11: Step 12:
    Step 13: Step 14:

    1. Display
    2. Bath/body jet
    3. Add Key
    4. Temp minus key
    5. Minus Key
    6. On/OFF Key
    7. Hand Shower
    8. Temp add key
    9. Set key
    10. Shower pause key

    Notice :
    1. The control panel is sensitive. when installing it. Please avoid letting it face directly to the water from the hand shower and the head shower, because water will get it misoperation or lock the control panel.
    2. The touch button is the best sensitive area 3. The touch panel water splash protection technology. When the system detects misoperation no response and needs about 1 second to recover.

    1. Water Temp display and setting
    2. Water flow display and setting
    3. Timing display and setting
    4. Spray mode selection.

    1. Standby
    After electricity, When all the functions are off, System will enter into standby mode automatically, and the display would be off.

    2. Power on
    When under standby mode, Shortly press6 to enter into the system, the display will show the current water temp, the first boot effluent setting temperature defaults to 38-degree c, While default water flow the maximum flow is L8.
    The power-on default mode is hand shower, and the backlit us 2 bright white the backlit is 1 dark. To choose 1 shower mode after power on, in power off 20 minutes to boot. Otherwise, it will still use current after power on, Otherwise, it will still use current shower mode to open the water. when it powers off over 20 minutes or the system is cut off the electricity. the system will recover to hand shower mode.

    3. Power off
    After booking, the system starts the countdown according to the set boot time: the system will be off automatically when timing countdown to "0" or shortly press 6 key.

    4. Lock
    After power on, without any operation in 20 seconds. it will enter the lock state. Display show lock symbol. in addition to 6 and 10 number key. other keys without any response press shortly 6 to unlock.

    5. Water temp display and setting
    When the system is on, the default water temp is 38 degrees C, the display will show the current water temp, shows as picture 2. If shortly press 4or 8 it will enter into water temp setting mode with 'SET'on, show as picture3. At this moment, if shortly press water temp minus key 4 for one time, water temp will decrease by 1-degree c. If shortly press water temp adds key 8 for one time. water temp will increase by 1-degree c. when no operation on water temp adjustment within 3 seconds, it will exit the water temp setting mode. water temp setting range is 25-degree c- 48-degree c. The set temperature will be saved in the system, the next boot the system automatically calls the save set temperature (Save the setting temperature is not affected by power system).