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Fontana Gold Trialo Color Changing LED Shower Head with Adjustable Body Jets

The Trialo Rainfall Shower Set from FontanaShowers is one of the most customizable models available. You can adjust almost any feature to best suits your needs. The shower head is available in round or square design and varies in size from 8” to 24”. The standard mixer comes with the set but can be upgraded to a thermostatic mixer. Six adjustable body massage jets and a handheld shower for your convenience. It comes complete with accessories and installation instructions.

Fontana Gold Trialo Color Changing LED Shower Head with Adjustable Body Jets Features:

  • Brand Name: FontanaShowers
  • Model Number: LED-SHOWER-HEAD-0522GG
  • Type: Shower Set
  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Finish: Gold
  • Style: Contemporary Rain Showerhead
  • Showerhead Thickness: 0.33"
  • Showerhead Width: Available in 8", 10", 12", or 16"
  • Showerhead Length: Available in 8", 10", 12", or 16"
  • LED Power Source: Water Flow
  • LED Colors: Blue, Green, Red
  • Showerhead Style: Contemporary Rain Shower
  • Mount Method: Wall or Ceiling Mount
  • Connection: 1/2" US standard (included)
  • Shower Arm: Included
  • Body Jets: Solid Brass
  • Fontana Gold Trialo Color Changing LED Shower Head with Adjustable Body Jets
    FontanaShowers® Product Warranty Information FontanaShowers Product Warranty
    • Before you begin, please read the installation instructions below. Observe all local building and safety codes.
    • Unpack and inspect the product for any shipping damages. If you find damages, do not install.
    • Please note all showers must be installed by a professional and certified plumber otherwise warranty might be voided.
    ------- -----


    Step 1: shower Step 2:

    Step 3: Step 4:

    Step 5:

    • Use your hands counter clockwise to unscrew the old showerhead and removed it.
    • Take out the showerhead, make sure the shower filter is placed in the connector.
    • Ensure the showerhead full horizontal alignment wall mounted shower arm thread.
    • Use your hands clockwise to tighten showerhead.


    STEP 1: HAND
    STEP 2:


    STEP 3:


    Step 1: Body
    Step 2:

    Set the decorative cover on the body jet.
    Roll the raw material belt in the thread screws.

    Step 3:
    Use a wrench to tighten 6 body jets on the water outlet holes.
    Tighten it in a clockwise direction.



    1. Rough-In Body x1
    2. Anchor x4
    3. Positioning Bar x2
    4. Tapping Screw 1 x4
    5. Tapping Screw 2 x4
    6. Plate x1
    7. Cover x3
    8. Button x3
    9. Screw 1 x3
    10.Diverter Handle x1
    11. Temperature Handle x1
    12. Volume Handle x1
    Step 1: Step 2:

    Step 3: Step 4:
    Attach the positioning bar to the rough-in body (4,5) with tapping screws. Mark the location of the mounting holes. Remove the rough-in body and drill pilot holes at the locations marked in the previous step. Insert anchors.

    Step 5: Step 6:
    Attach the rough-in body to the wall.
    Connect the rough-in body to the water supply pipes according to the diagram.

    Step 7: Step 8:
    Finish the wall surrounding the shower with a thickness of 1/2"-1-1/2".
    a) Finished wall surface should not exceed the upper edge of the installation box.
    If the tile exceeds the edges of the installation box, trim the tile as necessary to install the trim plate.
    b) Trim the tile around the installation box as necessary.

    Step 9:

    Remove the plastic guard and place the trim plate over the installation box. Install the screws covers, handles and buttons.
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