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Installation Instructions
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Shower-Head Installation

Mixer Installation

Body Spray Installation

Multiple body jets will require installation in parallel using a pressure-balancing loop, as shown below:

If the fitting begins to drip
1. Turn off the water supply.
2. Unscrew face plate and remove nozzle.

Hand Held Shower Installation

Parts List
A. Hand Shower
B. Wall Anchors (x2)
C. Screws (x2)
D. Wall Bracket
E. Cap
F. Hose
G. Screen Washer

Place the screen washer in the end of the handshower hose. Screw the hose to the handshower.

If the flow of water becomes noticeably less, remove and clean the screen washer.

Scale Removal

The handshower incorporates the cleaning system. If scale deposits are noticed in the spray channels, turn the water on lightly and rub the spray channels with a finger or a sponge.

If scale deposits are noticed on the spray face, pour about 3/4" of a commercial scale remover into a shallow dish. Dilute the remover according to the label instructions.
Soak only the spray face in the solution for the amount of time specified on the label.

Rinse the handshower with clear water.

Reinstall the handshower. Turn on the water and al-low the handshower to flush for at least one minute.