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Luxury Smart Shower Head

Have you heard the two terms together, luxury and intelligent, because combining them can create an ultra-useful thing for you? Now you can install a luxury smart shower head in your bathroom, simultaneously offering you convenience and technology-based features. They are beneficial for an excellent showering experience at home like never before. So let's find out more about them.

FontanaShower Smart System: This intelligent showerhead can offer you incredible convenience at a reasonable price. This shower head comes up with a multi-functional ability, allowing you to create your bathroom space as you want. It has LED light options and a thermostat through which you can adjust the settings according to your needs.
Fontana Capri Smart Shower Head: This showerhead is brilliant as it can be controlled by using your phone. Once you install it in your bathroom, you can make your shower time more fun by creating it according to your needs before entering it. On the other hand, its matte black finish design will offer you a luxurious appearance.
Fontana Dijon Smart Shower Head: This high technology captivated shower head comes up with a complete kit in which you will get the hand-held spray and other jets. It comes up with remote control which will allow you to adjust the settings with its help. It will be installed in a ceiling with different LED colours to make your space more appealing. You can get a luxury smart shower head for your bathroom today as you like from the list.

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