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Smart Shower Head

The shower experience will be great if you have a smart shower head which offers excellent water flow and desires temperature; otherwise, you cannot enjoy your showers in your bathroom. The shower head system with innovative technology will provide you convenience and ease of mind in no time. Moreover, it will allow you to control your shower function according to your preference. Isn't it cool? Fontana smart showerhead system:
This multi-functional shower head comes up with six different handle controls, allowing you to get the one you like during bathing. The LED display controls the rain curtain, waterfall, lateral jet, and handling shower modes. The showerhead has already installed a thermostat inside, which provides mixed water.

Fontana Creteil smart LED shower head system:
This showerhead has the most innovative touch panel controller technology through which you can complement your modern home. It offers a musical headset, enabling you to enjoy the bathing more than ever. It is made with high material which makes you feel the rain sensation falling on you.
Fontana Sate brilliant LED shower head:
This shower head system is the best because of its superior performance and excellent qualities. Its handles come up with a massage jet that allows you to relax in your bathroom. Its black matte design and finished body make your bathroom look intelligent and modern. The smart shower head offers a lot of things, including convenience and relaxation time, with its excellent multi-functional handles.

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