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Stainless Steel Showerhead Set

A shower set fulfills more purpose than a normal shower head as it has added accessories. These can come in handy a lot. Therefore many people buy them and you can get high class shower sets from BathSelect. The purpose of shower sets is quite clear. They provide accessories and added functionalities that help in having a better experience during your bath. These include things like hand showers and other water control measures like controlling water flow and the temperature of the water.

Along with all this, you get our perfect quality shower head that has super smooth water flow that will calm you and provide you with peace with its superb pressure. The power requirement of the shower is also very good as it requires a very minimum pressure of water to flow and sends it in great quantity through its head despite low pressure. All this definitely requires a solid construction and for that our shower set is made of stainless steel. It is made for years of working without any inconvenience. There are different finishes you can get with it in which the most popular is the chrome finish that looks shiny and very attractive. It adds to the designs of your bathroom. There is a guarantee of no rust or clogging of shower head holes even after much usage. The contemporary design is a must and it has that. Overall it’s a product that will upgrade your bathroom with a shower set unlike you’ve used before.

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Fontana  Perlude Stainless Steel Chrome Finish Shower Set Fontana Perlude Stainless Steel Chrome Finish Shower Set
Retail Price: $1,062.00
Sale Price: $784.73