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Neuhoff Mixed-Use Office Building

Explore our wide range of touchless faucets at the Neuhoff Mixed-use office building

The gorgeous Neuhoff site is situated in the eastern part of Germantown, Nashville, on the west side of the Cumberland River. The building, which was initially built as a meat-packing plant in the early 1920s, later operated as a mixed-use location where the Nashville Jazz Workshop and the Nashville Cultural Arts Project are located.

In order to redefine the location as a mixed-use waterfront development with city-defining architecture as a core feature, New City has teamed up with top architects. They promise to give you a safe environment that meets industry standards for battling COVID-19 when you return to any of their hotels anywhere in the world. They look forward to welcoming you back. Furthermore, they use our products for their restrooms and washrooms because they want to keep them more opulent and secure.


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The Fontana Antique Commercial automated wall mount brushed gold sensor faucet, which is appropriate for all sorts of standard US plumbing, was used in the Neuhoff Mixed-use office building. Infrared sensors, which also successfully restrict the spread of germs from our works of art, enable completely hands-free functioning.

Additional high-end touchless faucets are available in our high-end selection for you to choose from.


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Our touchless technology faucets reduce bacteria in commercial spaces, such as offices, shopping malls, and warehouses. The hands-free faucet from FontanaShowers only turns on when you need water and shuts off on its own when you're done. Our wide assortment of touchless faucets and soap dispensers offer a distinctive look. We chose the product's design based on user and designer preferences. Architects typically seek out items that have an air of opulence. In light of this, we built every component.

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