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Fresh visual representations have been unveiled concurrently with the submission of the initial project request for the enlargement of 200 Kansas Street in the South of Market (SoMa) district of San Francisco. Located on the border of the neighborhood and Potrero Hill, the plan involves maintaining the current use of the building as a child daycare center run by Bright Horizons at Kansas Street, while substantially increasing the size of the laboratory space. The design for this project is being handled by DES Architects and engineers.

The project aims to enlarge the existing two-story building by adding three more floors on a 67,600-square-foot plot of land. Once completed, the structure, which will be 78 feet tall and span the entire block, will provide a total of 221,510 square feet of space, with 188,460 square feet designated for occupancy. The current 20,860-square-foot child care center and the existing tenant will remain in place. The area allocated for laboratory use will experience a significant increase, nearly tripling in size from 72,260 square feet to 200,649 square feet. Additionally, employees will have access to a rooftop terrace equipped with a barbecue grill, and there will be on-site parking for 44 bicycles.

The building's design will juxtapose a stucco-covered lower section with three levels of curtainwall glass alongside vertical metal panels. As described by the architecture studio, the fa├žade's general language consists of horizontal metal bands on each floor, combined with a dynamic interplay of sporadic vertical stripes made of metal panels and glass.

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