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Commercial Bathroom Touch Less Sensor Fauce at Bldg 106 Renovation Lanai Airport, Honolulu Hawaii.

Lanai Airport can be found approximately three miles in the southwestern direction from Lanai City, situated on Lanai Island. It boasts a solitary runway and predominantly caters to scheduled interisland flights and commuter/air taxi services, along with occasional charter and general aviation operations. Back in 1964, a fresh passenger terminal complex was built at the airport, which also encompasses amenities such as parking, rental car services, cargo facilities, and support infrastructure for the airport.

Airports constitute a vital component among the four Divisions functioning under the umbrella of the Hawaii Department of Transportation.

The primary mission of the Airports Division is to oversee the development, administration, and upkeep of a secure and highly efficient global air transportation system.

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Our High Traffic Touchless Faucet has been installed at Lanai Airport, Honolulu Hawaii.

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