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Brushed Nickel Color Changing Shower System

This shower system is going to transform your bath into one that feels outstanding. The unique build includes a rain showerhead, a hand-held shower (so you can utilize both), an adjustable arm, a hot and cold shower mixer, and an incredibly simple-to-use, high-quality shower valve. Switch on the fun just by flipping on the tap; the lighting can fade and perk up depending on the intensity so you can achieve the ideal mood. The shower also changes colors dynamically, depending on the temperature of the water. This model is finished with brushed nickel and provides your bathroom the lavish look you always need.

The color, water temperature, and pressure can be modified according to the requirement without any batteries. It's all self-powered by an integrated-in powerhouse that controls the water flow and pressure to produce electricity in the lights. You don't have to be suffocated again by hitting a too-hot or too-cold shower. The Brushed nickel color changing shower system includes a full package and is ready to mount without any particular expertise.

This individual system provides you with several benefits like:

  1. It's easy to install and includes an owner's manual, so you don't have to spend money on an expert.
  2. The shower system is cost-effective and can be used for home or commercial purposes.
  3. The system is made of high-quality material, and the water pressure is ideal.
  4. Brushed nickel is highly durable and appears to retain a longer finish than silver. Any stains or splashes are easily cleaned and make it look as new as ever.
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