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Situated on West Colfax Avenue, famously referred to as the "Gateway to the Rockies" in Lakewood, Colorado, Colfax & Owens is sparking a revitalization of the nearby neighborhood. Previously a central hub for automotive enterprises, this locale is now undergoing a renaissance as a dynamic community, strategically positioned just a 15-minute drive from Downtown Denver and the foothills. Drawing inspiration from the modern and art-deco aesthetics prevalent in the vicinity, the architectural design integrates straightforward shapes and horizontal architectural composition.

Colfax & Owens

Residents will enjoy convenient proximity to a nearby grocery store

The building's striking dark gray board and batten siding are accentuated by elegant light brick detailing, making it an eye-catching attraction for passersby. In an effort to cultivate a sense of community and establish a walker-friendly environment, the streetscape has been enhanced with ground-level courtyards, abundant greenery, and units accessible from 15th Street. Residents will enjoy convenient proximity to a nearby grocery store, numerous dining options, and a light-rail transit station.

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Colfax & Owens Cafe

It also includes a coffee bar and a cafe section

Furthermore, Colfax & Owens has been thoughtfully planned to cater to individuals who work remotely, featuring a roomy co-working space that provides diverse seating options ranging from communal areas to secluded conference rooms. It also includes a coffee bar and a cafe section. Colfax & Owens is a collaborative project with Embrey Partners and is anticipated to finish construction by April 2025

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Touchless Features

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