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The Qatar Petroleum District comprises a cluster of ten office towers located on Majlis Al Taawon Street in West Bay, Doha, Qatar. This complex serves as the central hub for QatarEnergy. The tallest among these towers is referred to as Tower 7, standing at a height of 222.07 meters (728.6 feet) and boasting 47 floors. Construction on this impressive structure commenced in 2012 and was successfully completed in 2016, with design, construction, and oversight carried out by AECOM. In addition to the office buildings, the Qatar Petroleum District also encompasses a luxurious five-star business hotel, various restaurants, a conference center, a mosque, and a range of other amenities.

In Doha, the capital of Qatar, situated within the West Bay business district, Bouygues Bâtiment International, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, collaborated with Qatari firms Midmac Contracting Company w.l.l. and Aljaber Engineering l.l.c. to successfully complete one of the world's largest property development projects. Known as the Qatar Petroleum District or QP District, this undertaking encompasses nine office buildings, with the tallest one soaring to 52 levels. Additionally, it features an opulent five-star hotel complex boasting over 400 rooms, a shopping center, a conference center, and a mosque, as well as all the necessary parking and external facilities for these complexes.

In order to establish an appropriate security system for the Qatar Petroleum District (QP District), which comprises nine towers and three underground levels, Alcea Qatar conducted a comprehensive technical assessment to formulate an implementation strategy. This system encompassed various features including access control, physical barriers, X-ray screening, worker safety measures, and anti-intrusion video surveillance. In total, the site saw the installation of over 3,000 cameras and 2,500 access control points. To ensure the safety of on-site workers during the installation of external posts and girders on the buildings, a dual system of rail guidance and crane-hoisting was employed. This method not only facilitated the installation process but also prevented falls across four levels simultaneously.

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