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Different Functions and Finishes of Shower Panels:

Different shower panels perform different functions for example the massage shower panels make sure to provide maximum coverage and relaxation during your bath. Shower panels with black finishing give your bathroom a modern and cool look. Some of the shower panels have 50 hydro jet noses that are made up of high quality. They work to provide maximum coverage for the person. Polished chrome is used for such faucets and handheld shower finishing. The brass hose is chrome plated. Your standard plumbing connection is used for high durability of such shower panels. Pierro rainfall shower panel system provides additional coverage during your shower experience. Only one shower panel is needed to balance rainfall shower head, massage jets and handheld shower. Mostly stainless steel is the design used for such panels but gold-tone finishing and oil rubbed bronze is also used as furnishing products for complimenting your bathroom.

Some of the shower panel systems come with all the accessories of standard installation process. Fontana Ermanno rainfall massage shower panel system provides the best finishes ever. Brushed nickel is the material used as a finishing product. The shape is in rectangular form. Wall mount is installation method used. Horizontal massage spray, rainfall, shower spa and hand shower are the four basic functions performed by this shower panel.

Contemporary Euro design is provided by one of the types of shower panel system that are made for high quality of stainless steel. Fontana ginevra massage solar panel system is a single piece that has the finishing of matte stainless steel. Complete coverage is provided by rainfall shower head massage body jets and handheld showers. Some shower panels also provide very high durability because of the super technology used for the construction of the panels. Chrome plated brass is used for the construction of host and standard plumbing is the basic connection used. The back of the shower panels contain reinforced pipes. Basically 4 stage show functions are performed by the durable stainless steel frame construction there is rainfall waterfall horizontal massage spray and hand shower The quantity of rainfall noses is 50 while that of the horizontal massage spray nozzle is 96.

The basic type of shower panel that leads all the types is Fontana rio aluminium rain waterfall shower panel with jets and hand shower. This is a masterpiece for the collection of understated styles of Fontana showers. Special features and functioning provided in this type of shower panel cause hindrance in its rusting, corrosion or tarnishing. It is because of the use of extruded aluminium material. It provides the design of a handheld shower with a mixture valve that is quite easy to use. The flow rate of this shower panel is 2 gpm with the hose length of 60 inches. This shower panel has three handles.

One of the main types of shower panel is Fontana Reno 39 Brushed Nickel wall mount shower panel that contains 50 rainfall nozzles. An option of selection of waterfall style spout is totally dependent on the user himself. Two pods of adjustable body spray nozzles are also available on shower panel. It provides a variety of characteristics. A complex of new additional features with the pre-existing features give you a phenomenal exposure of bath. Temperature control and supply of water is all in your hands. You will find no restriction in the movement of the handheld shower and you can throw the water wherever you want. This type of shower panel has won the hearts of many of the customers with its brushed nickel finishing. It uses a standard size of 1/2. It provides the warranty of 1 year.


No one would like to miss the experience of peaceful bath with under such elite shower panels. The most exciting news is that these panels are not only available for commercial use but can be used at homes and flats as well if you are able to afford it. Amazing discounts and offers are also available because of high demand of these aesthetic shower panel. If you order online, the delivery charges are zero. It means all you have to do is pay for the panel and not for delivery services. So, it is better not to waste time and grab the design and style that you like.